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Private Kayak Fishing
and Nature Charters

Our guests don’t waste time trying to find the right place to catch fish in Terra Ceia. With Captain Erik of FishLikeUs leading the way, you’ll go straight to the very best fishing spots. 

Below, select a popular charter available with the best local expert that the Terra Ceia Bay has to offer! 

Private fishing lessons

Soak up the sun beachside with a 2-hour fishing lesson where you’ll become familiar with gear (provided) and fishing techniques. Gain insight into the importance of water movement, bird patterns, and seasonal species all while actively fishing in the bay.

Kayak fishing charter

Tours can be reserved for a 1/2 day or a full day experience. You’ll be provided with all the necessary gear and embark at a pre-scheduled time from our resort pier. Depending on the time of year, you’ll have the chance to catch redfish, tarpon, snook or other seasonal fish. Note: Kayak fishing requires a moderate level of physical endurance.

Grouper kayak fishing charter

Grouper is prevalent in the Terra Ceia Bay! But an angler needs an upper hand in order to find them and successfully reel them in. It can be quite large and will require a certain level of fishing skills and physical endurance combined.  Captain Erik’s team will ensure you are ready for the challenge of reeling in a fighter while in a kayak.

Saturday morning fishing clinics
(October through April)

Saturday morning fishing clinics are available each week starting at 7:30AM on the Fisherman’s Cove dock. This experience, led by FishLikeUs.com, is complimentary for our guests and the perfect prelude to one of the more challenging kayak tours. The clinics are unique and turbo-charged with laughter and rushes of adrenaline. Be sure to watch the video!

If your stay includes a Saturday, make sure you include the fishing clinic in your plans! 

Meet Captain Erik

A 3rd generation angler that knows Terra Ceia Bay like the back of his hand. On your kayak tour, his level of expertise and unique witty ways will deliver as much fun into you kayak as it will fish. Get ready for an experience you will remember!

We are a cove for the fisherman ...

… both young and old, whether experienced or just starting out. At Fisherman’s Cove, we regularly catch big fish right off our private 350 ft. pier – that’s 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! We know,  once you reel in your first big one, you’ll most likely become one of our beloved BFF’s (Big Fish Fanatics). The captains at FishLikeUs.com will be on hand to further your skills with private fishing lessons or a kayak fishing tour into the bay! 

Saturday morning fishing clinics

Exploring nature

Our Unique Ecosystem

Take a peek into our abundant ecosystem. The video was created by Captain Erik and highlights nature as he sees it each and everyday. 

Kayaking Tours

Captain Erik’s passion extends way beyond fishing. He has a keen knowledge and understanding of the perpetual abundance and beauty of our unique ecosystem.

On a Nature Tour, you’ll see our amazing nature and learn the inside spin from an expert enthusiast of Terra Ceia ecosystem. A regular highlight of most tours, is paddling near dolphins. They are as curious about us as we are about them!  What is it about dolphins that seem to turn grown men and women into little boys and girls again?

See and learn about the impact of 25 artificial reefs recently installed in the bay with the help of FishLikeUs.com. The visible effects on both bay waters and marine life were almost immediate.

Manatee tours: We all know that nature is cyclical and what is occurring within an ecosystem morphs with the seasons. In the months of October through May, manatees are in abundance in certain areas of Terra Ceia.  If you are visiting during these months, be sure to partner with FishLikeUs.com for a manatee tour. You’ll see – it’s down right magical when you encounter these peaceful animals!
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