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Robinson Preserve

(12.4 miles from Fisherman’s Cove)
1704 99th St NW, Bradenton, FL 34209
Pets allowed Open 7AM – 7PM
Phone: (941) 742-5923

Beach, canoe/kayak launch, convenient kayak & paddleboard rental, fishing, playground, pavilion, restrooms, hike/bike trails, learning programs & events.

Located in northwest Bradenton, Robinson Preserve spans 682 acres of coastal slat marsh and mangrove habitat. A 150 acre portion of the preserve represents newly restored Florida habitat from disturbed farmland. Now, the land once again supports our unique local wildlife such as wood storks, white pelicans, bald eagles and more.

Robinson Preserve has many activities that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. In addition to 7.5 miles of hiking trails, including a 2.5 rubberized ‘pedestrian only’ trail, the preserve has a unique educational component called “The Nest.” It stands for The center of Nature, Experience, Science, and Technology. This location hosts numerous educational and fitness related events including a unique from of immersive escape room experiences. Currently, there is a weekly walk/run group with a trainer as well as periodic youth activities. Of note, The Nest is now hosting a unique form of immersive escape room experience called “Escape the Nest.

Summary of popular activities: kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, biking, picnicking, nature observation, ongoing educational & fitness programs.

People who visit Robinson Preserve love it: See Google Reviews

Fun, Educational and plenty of trails!

"The Canopy Zone"

 Experience nature from a fresh perspective – while exploring amidst the treetops. 

"The N.e.s.t."

Nature, Exploration, Science and Technology 

See why The Nest is a place you’ll want to see! Good for the whole family. Be sure to check their calendar for activities you’d like to experience.

Kayaking and paddle boarding are very popular at Robinson Preserve. Kayak Jack’s will deliver all the paddling equipment for your group directly to the preserve with a 24 hour advanced reservation. You must call (941) 538-1448 in order to insure availability of the equipment and to confirm a reservation. Kayak Jack’s also provides a 2-hour guided Eco Tour exploration at Robinson Preserve.

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