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Terra Ceia State Park

Florida in the raw!

(3.4 miles from The Cove)
130 Terra Ceia Rd, Terra Ceia, FL 34250
Phone: 941-723-4536
Pets allowed*
Open 8AM – 7PM everyday

9 miles of walking trails, kayaking, fishing, bird watching,
nature observation, no public facilities.  

This park’s 2,000 acres encompass mangrove forests, freshwater and saltwater wetlands, and uplands communities. It lies within the 24,900 acre Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve where land and sea are vigorously protected. For many, visiting the park is like stepping back in time to witness the natural beauty that attracted early settlers. 

Kayaking: As you kayak or canoe through the preserve, you’ll wind through tunnels of thick mangrove forest and see nature up close and untouched. You’ll be surrounded by the peaceful sights and sounds of Florida nature, with almost no infringement from city sounds or other visitors. You must bring your own kayak, canoe or paddle board. There are two launches found on Bishop Harbor Road and Stotz Road.

Fishing: Freshwater and saltwater make up Terra Ceia Bay, meaning that there is an array of fish in the waters. Don’t be fooled by the tea-colored – the fishing is plentiful.  waters and hook your catch of the day! 

Hiking: There are the three main trails at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park: These trails comprise the Hightower Trail System and are not paved and conditions are not conducive to biking. For pet owners, it’s recommended that you keep your pet leashed so they do not wander away and become lost.

  • Hammock Loop – Length: 2.7 mile Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Pine Flatwoods Loop – Length: 3.1 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Salt Flat Spur – Length: 3.2 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate

As of 4/4/23, there are over 450 reviews from visitors over the years. They rave about the beauty, the fishing, the kayaking and more. They also caution that there are no restrooms or other facilities. Many visitors suggest good shoes or boots, long pants and no matter what, DON’T FORGET THE BUG SPRAY! 

In short, avid nature seekers love Terra Ceia State Park, but it is not a place for individuals looking for a developed park.

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Summary of popular activities: fishing, kayaking, bird watching, nature and wildlife observation. No public facilities or water. 

Florida in the raw!

See it as it was centuries ago!

See it as it was centuries ago!

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