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Thanks for Giving

RV’ers are a unique breed. We pride ourselves in choices that go against the grain, and yet, there’s no shortage of good Americans out there doing it. Every once in a while, we come across a truly exceptional story. A reason for RV’ing that goes above and beyond the need to be free. During our […]

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Bird Watching Near Me

Florida hosts an average of 810,000 Snowbirds in any given season. While we are grateful to see these adventurous creatures, we’re also excited to see the long list of birds that migrate through Florida every winter. If you’re looking for a place to do some “bird watching near me,” look no further. Researchers estimate some […]

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Subscribe now! Many species come to mind when discussing BIG fish in Tampa Bay. Eleven thousand charter captains and a myriad of locally-known anglers validify the sheer volume of fish we see annually. But one species in particular sticks out above the rest, and that’s Tarpon. Research shows that Tarpon have been swimming our oceans […]

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Flyover Alt View

Where Treasure is Found

Florida is home to many unique experiences. Alligators, tiny deer, and extreme fishing, to name a few. What one man considers dull may constitute another man’s treasure. And if treasure is the experience you’re after, Florida is the place where treasure is found!  From the Panhandle to the Gold Coast and just about everywhere in […]

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Terra Ceia Bay

Subscribe to Blog articles and News! When speaking with anglers, Terra Ceia Bay rarely comes up in conversation. There are many great fishing spots in Tampa Bay.  More prominent locations like Fort DeSoto, Bird Key, and the Skyway Fishing Pier come to mind. Locals who know great fishing follow the guides of history, and Terra […]

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Tips When Buying an RV

What used to be a recreational vehicle has turned into a way of life. Kitchen islands, fireplaces, and dishwashers have made it very comfortable to live in an RV. With more and more people converting to this mobile lifestyle, we’re here to share some tips when buying an RV – from an RV’ers perspective.  Tip […]

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No Red Tide Here!

As we observe the clean-up efforts of another destructive red tide, we fear the images that occupy our imaginations. Reports of dead fish and murky water seem to have reared their ugly heads all around us.  But similarly to the 2018 red tide, we are fortunate to report that there’s no red tide here! K. […]

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Beach-Free Activities

We can all guess the main reasons people come to Florida. But there is more to do here than sip margaritas beachside. Rain, or painfully burnt and staying out of the sunshine…we’re going to share our top beach-free activities. Ringling Museum The Ringling is a great way to spend a day sightseeing and learning about […]

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Fishing FAQ

It’s important when picking a fishing spot to know what you’re in for. There’s no bigger disappointment than arriving at a kiddie pool when you thought you’d be fishing a lake. Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we receive many questions regarding our location, fishing, and resort amenities. We’re here to answer your fishing FAQ. Where […]

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