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A Gift

Subscribe here and receive our regular News – Blog Articles – Special Events! There are many occasions we travel away from home. Weddings, funerals, business, vacations, and too much quarantine send us packing our belongings and heading for new sights. A poorly planned trip results in poor accommodations. Although money can go a long way […]

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Normal to Nomadic

Roughly forty million people in the United States own an RV. What used to be a forced financial hardship has turned into a lifestyle choice, and as of 2018, over one million RV’ers were living in their rigs full-time. We’re here to shed light on the nuances that bring us from ‘normal to nomadic’ and […]

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Tie the Knot

Typically when we think of Florida, we think beach days, waterside restaurants, and sunset weddings. Although these are great ways to spend your time in the sunshine state, what most people are surprised to know is the majority of our travelers are here to fish. And being that we’re the Fishing Capital of the United […]

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Travel Tips for Extended Stays

Sign up ! The RV world has changed. Instead of families considering weekend getaways and summer vacations, they’re now going “full-time” and spending months in various locations. This is great for the camaraderie of RV’ing and challenging for travelers. To get you and your belongings to a guaranteed site for an extended period, follow our […]

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How to Pick the Best Charter

It’s the prime fishing season in Florida. Great tides, good weather, and many species make for BIG fish stories and excellent take-home fare.  With over 1,000 charter Captains in the Tampa Bay area, you’ll have your pick of boats, styles, and adventures.  We’re here to provide tips on how to pick the best charter for […]

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Florida is OPEN

It’s easy to get consumed in chaos. The past year has brought more change and raised more questions than most of us desire to encounter. Despite the potential hysteria available, one region of the country has remained grounded and steadfast in its convictions. And Florida is open! For those who watch mainstream media, you’d think […]

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Kingfish Season

Kingfish deserve all the attention they receive. High speeds, hard hits, and freezers full of meat leave anglers dreaming of coming days. With Kingfish season right around the corner, we’re here to fill you in on the details of how to catch or at least enjoy one of our favorite times of the year. About […]

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Camaraderie of Camping

There are many things to fall in love with when it comes to RV’ing. The freedom of the road, the beauty of nature, and the vastness of experience are few. But our favorite, by far, is the community. When you buy an RV, you silently join a club of like-minded individuals searching for a similar […]

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Flyover Alt View

Florida Fishing Spots

Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world. With water surrounding and diverting our landmasses, we host over 1,100 species of fish. Knowing an excellent spot to drown that bait can be the difference between fishing and catching.  That’s why we’re sharing our favorite Florida Fishing Spots in Tampa Bay. Fort DeSoto State […]

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