Fishing Terra Ceia Bay

Launch at the boat ramp, dip under the bridge, and greet a world of fish.  Private docks and grass flats separated by deep boat channels create the perfect habitat to hook a Snook, twitch a Snapper, or jig for a Sheepshead.  You’ll find them all fishing Terra Ceia Bay. 

Terra Ceia Bay can be as diverse as your talent.  Twenty-four thousand acres of aquatic preserve makes for an angler and nature lovers paradise.  From birds to fish, bait to sharks, dolphins and friendly Manatees, you won’t be disappointed having spent a little time here.  Here is a shortlist of some great areas to explore when fishing Terra Ceia Bay.  


Miguel Bay is a favorite for those fishing Terra Ceia Bay.  Located just inside the channel it’s accessible by boat and allows easy casts into snook, trout, and a variety of seasonal species.  While walls of mangrove forest eliminate the ability to fish from shore, tunnels of mangrove shortcuts turn a day of kayaking into an adventure.  Deep holes sheltered from wind make this is an excellent place to fish, or simply enjoy the wildlife.  


Flounder pass offers the perfect environment for ambush predators and tide-change opportunists.  We can’t guarantee you’ll catch a flounder as the name suggests.  Yet you may hook a Snook, or other desirable species.  Regardless of the fish, the biggest challenge you’ll have is finding a place to anchor so that you can get them to the boat.  A nice sunny day and calm waters assure you won’t be the only one visiting this area of Terra Ceia Bay.


Snead Island sits between the Manatee River, and Terra Ceia Bay.  At the top of this park lies Emerson Point Preserve.  This is a 365-acre preserve hosting wildlife, nature trails, and historic remains.  Known for a convergence of two large bodies of water, you can find any fish you want here from the shallows to the deep.  Its nearby location to the mouth of Tampa Bay assures the usual suspects in addition to the predators we dream of such as sharks, tarpon, kingfish, and more.  Fish from the beach or launch a small vessel from shore and explore.  Emerson Point is a favorite for all who fish Terra Ceia Bay. 


Imagine a quaint and historic RV park on the water with a private dock, waterside pool, and full-size boat launch. New travel-only spots assure last-minute availability, great views, and a reason to fish any weekend or season you please.  Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort we have all of these things and more.  Seasoned anglers, BIG fish, and services to guide you allow for valuable days of fishing and cool, quiet nights.  Explore the area and all it has to offer from one location.

We look forward to seeing you and the fish you catch fishing Terra Ceia Bay.

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