Increase Your Catch Rate

Ten percent of the anglers catch ninety percent of the fish in Tampa Bay. Ever wonder why these anglers are so successful and how you can become one of the ten percent? Here are our tips and tricks to increase your catch rate in the New Year.

Whether you’re retired or on vacation, there’s a good chance you’re coming from freshwater or cold water habitat. We have both here in Florida, but the fish you’ll find in Tampa Bay are warm saltwater creatures. And saltwater is a different beast.

With fish fully equipped to stave off predators, you’ll run into sharp teeth, spines, and gills that are razor sharp. And that’s if you get the fish in! Most anglers only experience the tug of a rod or the flip of a tail before their bait is gone. To increase your catch rate, we recommend taking these tips to heart.

Pay Attention

Some anglers will spend years buying suitcases full of gear only to become marginally successful at catching catfish in our waters. So before you waste your time and money being stubborn, our first tip is to hire an expert and learn what you’re doing out there. There’s a good chance a local guide, angler, or pro will be one of the ten percent catching, and they’re sure to teach you something that will increase your catch rate. So pay attention!

Know Your Gear

Knowing the basics of saltwater gear and what it can do will put you light years ahead of the rest. Some gear we recommend becoming familiar with include:

Cast nets

Knowing how to rig for the fish, the season, and the conditions will change what fish you are catching and how often you’re catching them. See some of our favorite videos on the basics here.

Invest in Bait

Whether you choose to catch bait, buy bait, or use artificial bait, it will do you good to know what you’re working with. Fish are picky, just like we are, and it’s not uncommon to see them pick and choose what they eat. Knowing your bait options, knowing how to catch bait, or at the very least, knowing what colors to use for the day will change your catch rate drastically. Whether you invest time or money in bait – do it well. It will pay dividends in fish.

Know the area

Knowing what fish you can catch and where to find them is probably the most critical part of the 10% rule. You can’t catch fish if you’re not in a habitat where you can catch fish.

Terra Ceia Bay is a local fishing spot that produces every fish species from snook to redfish, grouper, sharks, sheepshead, pompano, jacks, snapper, trout, mackerel, etc. and more!

Fisherman’s Cove Resort sits right on Terra Ceia Bay with a private fishing dock and boat ramp. We offer weekly fishing clinics, an on-site charter Captain, and a slew of anglers ready to show you what they know.

We look forward to seeing you increase your skills soon!

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