Fishing in the Rain

If there’s one thing we all try to avoid, it’s fishing in the rain. Billowing clouds, the threat of lightning, and the thought of being wet send most anglers running for their vehicles. But is there any truth in our need to flee? The fish don’t care if we’re wet. Here is everything you need to know about fishing in the rain.

When it comes to fishing in the rain, we first need to understand the weather. We know you’re already paying attention to tides, moon cycles, and water temperature, but trust us here. Understanding how to read (or mitigate) the weather will help your cause drastically. That is if your goal is to keep fishing.

Looking for an App?

Unfortunately, weather, as predictable as it seems, is unpredictable. If it’s an app you’re looking to depend on, we recommend Not only does it provide measures such as expected rainfall, but it will provide wind direction, speed, radar images, and active lightning strikes. It’s an all-in-one source if you’re looking to glance in between casts.

Learning to read the sky…

If you would rather read the sky than your device, this is what to watch for. Clouds that are dark, ominous, or growing. Clouds that seem to blend with the ground in the distance (that’s rain falling). Wind direction and strength. Shifts in the wind. And the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance. These would all be good clues that rain is near.

For those of you hoping to predict a bit more about the future, watch for these signs:

  • Is there dew on the ground in the morning? (If not, rain is probable.)
  • Is the sky red at sunrise? (This is a sailor’s warning for bad weather.)
  • Are the clouds wavy like a potato chip? (This is a sign that rain is coming in the day/s to come.)

Please Note: If you can hear thunder, you should consider heading in. Lightening fatalities are a regular occurrence in Florida, and we’d rather you live to fish another day. See this article for lightning tips. 

So what does rain mean for fishing?


If you’re freshwater fishing, the hot summer months will keep the dissolved oxygen in a lakebed low. This forces fish to the bottom, where they remain inactive as a means of survival. Rain will aerate the surface and cool the water making the fish active. In this instance, fishing in the rain may be a benefit! Especially since the cloudy surface of the water will make it harder for them to see you casting bait in their direction.


Saltwater fishing is a different beast. Most saltwater fish have swimbladders. Changes in atmospheric pressure associated with rain can cause fish to be less active due to the discomfort it causes. This means the best time to fish is the day before it rains, as the fish will actively feed more to prepare for the storm. This is good news for you if you were hoping to skip the rain all together. 🙂

We could write an entire article on how and what to fish with the varying changes in barometric pressure – and may!  To learn how to better fish in the rain read this article. To learn more about fishing in Florida, and to stay appraised of future articles subscribe to our blog!

Rain or shine, Fishermans Cove RV Resort has a beautiful dock and a private boat ramp to support your fishing addictions. We also provide a weekend fishing clinic for our guests interested in learning. We look forward to seeing you and your catch of the day soon!

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