BIG Fish

Here in Florida, we have the pleasure of fishing all year long. It’s the fishing capital of the world! And regardless of weather, temperature, or water conditions – there are always BIG fish to catch.  

Unlike most of the country that goes into winter-like climate conditions November through April, Florida opens up. Our daily temperatures become bearable, water temperatures cool, and hoards of fish lay their eggs in estuaries and grass flats. Come the New Year, these eggs hatch, and guppies begin to appear. Wait for Spring, and those baby fish turn to decent-sized food fish. Stick around until summer, and the size of these predators will astound you.

May is the beginning of our rainy season, and the start of local anglers hunt for some of our most desirable species. As Snowbirds depart, tarpon, shark, grouper, red snapper, cobia, tripletail, and a myriad of BIG fish appear in droves. Some anglers spend lifetimes trying to catch them, and those who refuse to wait that long partner up with local experts to attain their goals. 

With many nuances to catching fish, one should take into account location and species. If you don’t “bow to the King,” you’ll lose him. When you move too quickly around a tripletail, he’ll disappear. Without the right speed and tactic for grouper, they’ll steal your bait and your rig in one fail swoop. Big fish are BIG for a reason, and they know the game they’re playing. The trick is to be knowledgeable, prepared, and ready to fight.  

There are many debates about what bait, rigging, and approach to use in catching fish. While some swear by the philosophy that “big bait catch big fish,” others will swear they catch the biggest fish with the smallest bait. 

To catch with consistency you’ll want to consider the following:
  1. Depth
  2. Bait
  3. Presentation

Water depth and flow will change the type of rigging you use, and the fish you’re after will determine the bait. If you’re confused about what type of bait to use, we’ll give you a tip: all fish eat shrimp. It’s the magic bait. Even shrimp eat shrimp when given a chance.  

To learn how to hook shrimp, you can watch this video. To purchase the liveliest shrimp in the area, go here. To learn how to use that shrimp to catch fish, you may want to consider taking a lesson. We know it’s not your first time fishing, but trust us when we say you can save yourself a lifetime of fishing by learning how to catch from the get-go.  

To target species beyond using shrimp, you’ll want to learn the different types of bait available and where to cast them. There are many resources in the area for this sort of knowledge, and if you stay at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon it. With experienced anglers on the dock, an on-site fishing charter, and local experts, we’ll have you catching fish in no time!  

Rain or shine, winter or summer, regardless of season, we’ll be fishing, and we hope to see you! Call our front office to book one of our exclusive ‘travel-only’ waterfront spots and start fishing today! 

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