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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you either travel or plan on traveling. And as travelers, we’re in search of one thing – fun. It’s one thing to seek adventure and another to find an opportunity where the adventure comes to you. We have such an experience here at Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort, and we’d like to share our adventure tourism experience with you. 

Located on the saltwater with 220 acres of a nature preserve in our backyard, we are unique from the start. Adventurers can paddle, fish, and hike to their hearts’ content with just a few minutes’ drive. Our private boat launch, extended fishing pier, and local nature preserve make it easy to adventure in every direction. And our local experts at are here to assure you have fun doing it. 

Start your stay in Florida with a private resort-only fishing clinic on Saturday mornings. This is a chance to ask questions and familiarize yourself with surrounding waterways while learning our best-kept secrets for catching fish. Our dock is open 24/7 to patrons, and we have a fish-viewing light for night owls who seek extra excitement. 


Book a beach day with FishLikeUs and spend your time soaking up the sun at one of our world-renowned beaches while catching fish. There is no shortage of experience to gain regarding tides, waterways, bird patterns, and seasonal species. We highly recommend this adventure to those seeking BIG fish while remaining on shore. 


Whether you want to see old-world Florida or the newest big game techniques, you can ramp up the adventure by doing it all from a kayak. The pedal-driven tandem kayaks allow a Captain or guide to be on board with you as you explore the backwaters of Terra Ceia Bay in search of BIG fish such as snook, redfish, and tarpon. And if you’re ready to go full sail into the wild, then we highly recommend a Gag Grouper charter. Captain Erik of Fish Like Us is the only angler running Gag-grouper-from-a-kayak charters in North America. It’s active, engaging, and thrilling to “get your arm ripped off” by a big fish, and if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, we highly recommend you try it. 

For those who desire to catch fish sans the arm-ripping part, you can also charter a simple fishing tour for seasonal species in our bay. We guarantee you’ll gain as much information as you’re willing to pay attention to. 


If the word ‘adventure’ means taking a tour of nature without risking the possibility of sore arms and dinner, then we highly recommend chartering a simple nature tour. From mangroves to Indian mounds to dolphins and manatees, there is more than enough to see here. And every season brings new locations and species to the table. Our favorite is the winter season when the Manatees congregate near warm waters and are accessible by kayak in herds. 

Captain Erik of FishLikeUs is a third-generation angler who has fished around the world. He has been running kayak charters for nearly a decade and is a bundle of passion and excitement when sharing the beauty of our resort and all things Florida. His lessons and charters reek of adventure and will leave you returning year after year for more. 

Whether you join us for a day, a week, a month, or a year, we hope you experience your adventure tourism goals and the beauty our little neck of the wild holds. We look forward to seeing you then! 

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  1. Any info you can send me on a fishing trip with Capt. Erik would be very much appreciated. Not sure if a group charter is something possible. It would be a dream trip to take my dad and son on a grouper trip. Thank you so much in advance. We follow Capt. Erik on TikTok and he is an absolute genuine article and we watch him every day.

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