King of the Beach

It’s a transition season in Florida, and the only thing more exciting than seeing our Snowbirds come and go is that Kingfish are in the bay. By Kingfish, we mean King Mackerel, and whether you’re catching one of these bad boys, a prized Snook, shark, or tarpon, it’s sure to make you King of the Beach for the day. Here are a few tips for beach fishing that will help you gain this prized claim. 


They say we gain a foot for every mile off the beach in shallow Tampa Bay. This makes our warm waters a magnificent estuary for Gulf Stream species. It also means that we have to be mindful of our conditions to pull in big fish that generally only run in the deep. Water temperature, visibility, and tides are essential factors to consider. If the water’s not moving, the fish aren’t either. As voracious and active as these predatory monsters may seem, they’re not above being opportunists. Knowing the height and timing of your tides will pay dividends when planning your fishing ventures. 


It won’t matter what tides you’re fishing if you’re in the wrong spot. Knowing where fish are being spotted and caught will be an important factor in your catching success. With each passing storm, our beaches change. Paying attention to local anglers and their reports will be handy in assessing where you’ll spend your time. The beauty of staying at our resort is that you’re less than a half-hour from several renowned beaches and their incomparable fishing spots. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, a simple inquiry at our weekend fishing clinic or a visit to your local bait shop will come in handy. 


While you’re at the bait shop, it will be worth inquiring about the latest gear in addition to location. These guys and gals are not only hearing fishing reports but should be up to speed on what’s catching and what’s not. They’ll know what bait to recommend, what gear is hot, and what not to waste your time on. Of course, every angler has their favorites and their secret tips, so don’t let us get in the way of wearing your favorite hat or dying that bait pink if that’s your thing. If it’s catching fish, that’s all that matters. If it’s making you King of the Beach, you should consider sharing it with the rest of us. 🙂 

With four million anglers trying their hand at big fish annually, you’ll have no shortage of competition out there. The better you can display your wares, the more likely that fish will be to take your bait. For videos on how to find baithow to hook bait, and more, contact our resort professionals at If you’re looking for a great place to stay on the water where you’ll have access to all the fishing Florida offers, look no further. We have spots available and look forward to seeing you and your fish when you claim King of the Beach! 


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