You Can Still Fish Here!

We are one week into a situation most of us have never been in.  While the entire world goes into quarantine, some of us are left pacing our living rooms, wondering when we can interact again, and wishing for the first time that we could go back to work.  Thankfully, we can still fish.  And we’re proud to announce – you can still fish here! 

As restaurants close and beaches go bare, we are all left wondering what we’re going to do with the time we’ve just acquired.  Sure we have half-finished projects we’ve been staring at for months, bucket lists we haven’t even begun to attack, and families who desperately deserve our attention.  But the truth is, we’re barely keeping it together ourselves.  And there’s no better place to sort out thoughts and have in-depth discussions than on the water.  It’s the best conference room in the world, even if the only person you’re talking to is yourself. 

So we dig our bait buckets out of the corners, wipe the cobwebs off our fishing rods, and load up the truck to social distance ourselves – outdoors.  The sun is, after all, a deterrent to the very things we fear.  And a little normalcy can’t hurt.  

As we enter the bait shop, we learn that parks are limiting hours and specific access points are closing.  To date we have received written and word-of-mouth updates on the following closures: 

  • Skyway Fishing Pier – Closed
  • Bishop Harbor boat ramp  – Closed
  • Emerson Point Preserve – Close to vehicles/vessels
  • Robinson Preserve – Closed
  • Rye Nature Center & Preserve – Closed
  • Manatee County boat ramps – Closed to recreational vehicles/vessels 

So we stop, re-center, and think. Where can we go fishing?  Where can we find a little chunk of water to spend some time in the sun with our thoughts?  Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort has just the place. 

Located on Terra Ceia Bay with its own private dock, guests can fish day or night.  We’re catching every species in season, including snook, sheepshead, mackerel, pompano, redfish, and sea trout.  Okay, we catch a few catfish too.  

There is no muss, no fuss, and no one to argue with about our ability to be out there.  It’s a private dock available to park guests and residents.  And the best part is, the bait shop half a mile down the road is still open with live shrimp daily! 

Humankind has been fishing for forty-thousand years.  Not only do we use it as a means of activity, sport, and entertainment, but we rely on it as a source of food and sanity. Regardless of your age, race, or necessity in the game – we’re pretty sure this relationship will continue as long as we exist.  At Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we’re proud to host such an environment. 

So when pandemic and panic become words of our present, and our present becomes part of the past, we highly recommend you load up your RV, reserve a travel-spot to distance yourself for the week, and go fishing.  We promise you won’t regret it. 

Written by Janel Jungels @ 

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