Weekend Fishing Report

It’s the weekly fishing report brought to you by Fishermans Cove Resort over here in Terra Ceia Bay, Florida, USA, and I love this bay. Do you know what’s so nice about this bay? We have never had the red tide right here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort. We don’t have it. They’re dealing with it somewhere else out there on the beaches. I was out there camping at Fort DeSoto. On Shell Key, the water was beautiful. The water is green, and lots of clarity is happening. We’ve got those northeast winds to push a lot of that clarity down this week. Now, look at this weather here. Holy Moly! Lots of wind pouring out of the south Friday and Saturday. It’s going to be like that through Saturday. Now take a look here. Boom! Big switch on Sunday, and we’ve got another cold snap. I’m looking forward to that because that will chase those snook up under those muddy bottoms when they’ve been trying to stage to run the beaches right now. They will get pushed under those muddy bottoms, so make sure you get some leaders to deal with those clear conditions and get out there!

To understand where snook go when it gets cold, it’s essential first to understand their behavior patterns. Snook are a subtropical species that prefer water temperatures between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They are typically found in shallow waters, such as estuaries, mangrove-lined shorelines, and grass flats. During the warmer months, snook are active and feed heavily, often feeding on baitfish and crustaceans in these shallow waters.

As temperatures drop, snook become less active and may move to warmer waters to conserve energy. Many snook migrate to deeper channels, docks, and other structures where muddy bottoms may be slightly warmer than the surrounding areas.

In springtime, when our temperatures seem to fluctuate, snook may move in and out of the beaches in response to sudden drops in temperature. These movements can be challenging to predict, and anglers may need to adjust their fishing strategies accordingly.

Overall, the exact location of snook can vary depending on various factors, including water temperature, food availability, and weather conditions. However, a few general patterns can help anglers locate snook during the colder months, such as finding areas with consistent food sources, including oyster bars, grass flats, and structure. We have one such location right here at Fishermans Cove RV Resort! We’ve installed twenty-five artificial reefs under our new fishing dock, and the snook are hanging out right now!

Join our Saturday morning fishing clinic with our very own Captain Erik from Fishlikeus.com and learn how to catch these big beauties while you’re here. You can also book a charter and learn how to catch added species such as sheepshead, snapper, kingfish, tarpon, pompano, speckled sea trout, and more!

We hope you catch a big one, and we’ll see you next week with the Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort fishing report.


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