No Red Tide Here!

As we observe the clean-up efforts of another destructive red tide, we fear the images that occupy our imaginations. Reports of dead fish and murky water seem to have reared their ugly heads all around us.  But similarly to the 2018 red tide, we are fortunate to report that there’s no red tide here!

K. Brevis, otherwise known as “red tide,” is a single-celled organism that results from a naturally occurring algae bloom. Without high winds or cool rains to alter this condition, it can grow wildly out of control. Regardless of its source, what becomes the most devastating part of its existence is the resulting fish kills that are guaranteed in its presence.

The red tide of 2018 was declared a statewide emergency requiring the clean-up of over 2,000 tons of marine life. This year has resulted in 600 tons to-date, and we’re not at the peak of our heat. Westerner’s pray for snow to offset drought and assure a healthy tourist season come winter.  It seems odd to pray for a tropical storm, but locals and vacationers have pondered the thought.

Red tide typically starts just offshore.  A west wind, or in this case, tropical storm Elsa can blow it into land affecting our beaches and as a result, our economy.  Without fishing, and with dead fish looming our beautiful sand, Florida life as we know it comes to a halt. We are thankful to continue to report in these instances that there is no red tide here!

Terra Ceia Bay is a unique body of water.  It sits partially within the Terra Ceia State Aquatic Preserve providing a 24,900 acre submerged and wetland preserve. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to wildlife encounters and leaves our local anglers proud to be fishing its waters..

Legends say ancient tribes may be to thank for our clean waters and continued quality of life. Or it may just be the perfect conditions of wind and land position. Red tide or no red tide, today is no different than any other. Our waters are clear and full of fish…and we’re catching! Guests and residents are experiencing snook, sharks, and snapper right off our dock. Local Captains are hooking into jaw-dropping redfish, record-breaking snook, and more.

Red tide is a real threat and can affect the health of some individuals. We recommend checking the FWC website for regular updates of concentrations as well as beach closures. We don’t recommend swimming in highly concentrated areas and suggest limiting time outside if you have respiratory conditions that may be affected by less than ideal air conditions.

As we sympathize with our fellow Floridians, pray for red tide to clear, and commit to making choices that will change our future for the better, we’re certainly grateful to report that there’s no red tide here! If you’re looking to remain on the water while avoiding red tide, we invite you to come and stay at our resort. A pool on the water and a fishing dock where anglers are catching is the epitome of Florida life, and we’ve got it all here.

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