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It’s been an intense seventy-two hours. Catastrophic winds, raging seas, and the threat of one of the most significant storms in Florida history are just the beginning of the stories we’ll tell and hear. As we send prayers and any available rescue efforts to our fellow Floridians, we thought we’d also provide a little good news. 

We are grateful to announce that our structures are sound and our residents are safe. We have minimal damage and zero flooding. Now that the storm has passed and clean-up efforts are in effect, we are naturally curious about the fish. What will Hurricane Ian mean for fishing in the days and weeks ahead? Here’s where we share even more good news. 

Fishing is excellent after a storm. 

After a storm, the water is often murky and full of debris. This can create adverse conditions for anglers. But it can also be the perfect time to cast your lines.

Changes in barometric pressure and water turbulence result in displaced bait fish and aggressive feeding habits. If you know where to find bait, you’ll have a good chance of catching fish. And because they haven’t eaten in a couple of days, they will be hungry. Here are a few tips for fishing after a storm that will help. 


Buy once, cry once. Buy cheap, cry forever. Good equipment can mean the difference between a good day of fishing and a bad one. Investing in a good barometer and GPS will help you navigate: 

  • Pressure
  • Wind Speed
  • Water Temperature
  • High Winds
  • Humidity
  • Altitude

And if you know how to use it, it will likely lead you to fish. 


Navigating water after a storm can be tricky. Heavy currents, abnormal tidal coefficients, and water turbulence aren’t the place to start if you’re new to the sport. It’s essential to understand what structure may be in the water, where you should expect water to be, and what attire may be necessary for the venture. Hiring a local guide would be wise if you’re not from the area and want to spend your time catching fish instead of researching. 


The bait fish will be lively and the currents strong. You’ll stand a better chance using live bait and a heavier weight while awaiting the standard conditions to return. 


If lures are your preference, use bright colors, noise-making lures, and lures that imitate live bait for these conditions. 


The end of summer brings cooler temperatures and anxiousness within anglers for the winter fish to return. The ushering of cool water into our shallow bay means our winter season may be upon us sooner than we thought, and we welcome its presence. 

With many days and weeks of tough times ahead, we remain grateful for what we have. As we rebuild our communities and overcome the challenges nature has brought to our door, we’re thankful we have a little good news to share. Fishing is what Floridian’s do, and at Fishermans Cove RV Resort we have newly renovated spots and a brand new dock to provide your fishing desires.

We hope to see you soon!


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