Thanks for Giving

RV’ers are a unique breed. We pride ourselves in choices that go against the grain, and yet, there’s no shortage of good Americans out there doing it. Every once in a while, we come across a truly exceptional story. A reason for RV’ing that goes above and beyond the need to be free. During our week of thanks, this story makes us say, “Thanks for Giving.” 

Rosemarie and Angelo grew up camping.  While most parents read newspapers, their childhood memories are filled with big yellow notepads budgeting for the next road trip. “That nomad/gypsy is in our blood,” Angelo describes as his excitement wells. Having camped just down the road from each other as kids and interacting with the same social circles for decades, they were unaware that the future would hold even greater experiences – together. Serendipity now allows them to share the love of the road, and they intend to share the wealth of their experiences with others.

Angelo’s mother recently passed with complications of dementia, and Rosemarie spent the last months of her father’s life Facetiming every location they went. “He would get excited about what we were doing,” she said as they described their ability to help him live vicariously.  Having sold their house in Miami, they packed up most of what they owned and set out to adventure. “Why are we paying a mortgage when we can live anywhere?” Angelo says. We can empathize.

They started Adventures b4 Dementia as a means to see as much as they can while they can. A live-while-you’re-living concept many of us can resonate with.  But they’ve taken their adventures one step further. With a daughter working to build and promote their social media from home, they do what they do with the intent to donate all funds earned to the Alzheimers Association.  

Some wait for the perfect situation to instigate their road plans, while others throw caution to the wind. Rosemarie and Angelo will tell you that although it’s good to have a plan, planning too far ahead will ruin the journey.  The whole point of RV’ing is to live present. To take each day and every relocation as a chance to explore.  “There may be somewhere you want to stay longer, and life happens.” Making reservations, being rigid in your travel plans, and living outside the moment will only ruin the fun. 

Having traveled through Florida to the Carolina’s, Dakotas, out West and back, their eyes light up as they speak of “security in numbers” and all the friends they’ve met along the way. From Boondocking to Plateaus and everything in between, they have found their fellow RV’ers to be friendly, helpful, and encouraging.  “Enjoy every moment,” Angelo says, because “you don’t need to leave the country to find natural beauty.” 

Although Rosemarie has retired from a career in Special Education, Angelo still works as a Director of Service from the road. He uses vacation time to go “off-line,” and they spend their time blogging, vlogging, and sharing their experience with those who follow them.  Their next set of travels include the New England area, California, and a bit of everything in between. They also plan on driving the continental to Alaska. Follow them here to see and learn what full-timing on the road is all about. 

When boiling their experience down to a few gems of wisdom, Rosemarie and Angelo recommend going outside your comfort zone, talking to locals, and avoiding tourist traps if you really want to experience the road.

We’re grateful to have such good people, avid travelers, and fun stories to share here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort. We’re honored to be the place they call “home” between ventures and want to say thanks, for giving. 

Join us at Fisherman’s Cove Resort for more stories, adventures, and good people throughout the holidays. We’ll be here and look forward to hearing yours! 

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