RV Spring Cleaning

For some, spring is the time to de-winterize your rig for travel. For others, it’s the time to prepare your rig for storage. Either way, your tiny space deserves a good cleaning. With an awareness of germs at the forefront – our RV spring cleaning tips will assure you’re rig is as clean as it can be without all the added product and fuss.  

Small spaces, limited storage, and weight capacity are few of the things we must consider when deciding the how’s and what’s of rig cleanliness. Regardless of rig type, size, or interior – these are challenges we all face. Here are a few quick, painless, and useful solutions that dual-purpose your belongings while assuring your RV spring cleaning is complete. 

Personal pressure washer. 

A pressure washer is one of those items that seem ridiculous to own. But in the RV world, they can turn all-day jobs half-day projects with ease. They’re powerful enough to spray away the grime in the tiniest of nooks and crannies (think screws, hinges, etc.) while leaving your decals in place. They also do a great job at cleaning tires, vehicles, boats, rugs, cutting boards, buckets, and coolers! A simple switch of the hose on your water system and a little power will have you in the business of cleaning less and relaxing more – just the way we planned. 

Dawn and vinegar. 

Dawn is the magic soap for all things, including RV spring cleaning. It washes away oils and smudges on cupboards and can be used in combination with a personal pressure washer to remove grease and grime from the outside of your rig! Dawn is also an excellent solution for dishes, screen filters, hand soap, laundry stains, and more! Plus, it’s environmentally safe for those outside jobs.      

Vinegar contains an acetic acid content of 5%, meaning it’s an inhospitable environment for many microorganisms. Multiple sources prove vinegar’s effectiveness in killing human influenza viruses as effectively as commercial cleansing wipes. It is also said to eliminate E. coli as effectively as bleach. It’s non-toxic, removes odors, will evaporate as it dries, and can be dual purposed in any salad dressing. In the same way it keeps mold and bacteria from growing on your pickles, it will clean your shower, sinks, floors, windows, and home. Now that’s a dual-purpose cleaner/condiment worth keeping on hand! 

Regular re-organization. 

RV space can initially feel tiny. We’ve downsized one-thousand square feet into a box that moves, and there’s a good chance you have a few items you don’t remember you have – or can’t find. We wish it were as simple as a smarter way of packing, but the truth of the matter is – RV’s require regular re-organization.  

Re-organizing cupboards seems a daunting task when we look at the project as a whole. But breaking it down into pieces and taking it one cabinet at a time will help. Whether it’s one a day, once a week, or once a month, this process of consistent re-organization will assure the elimination of items you no longer need and added space for ones you do. This life is about movement, after all, and that doesn’t stop when you park it. Your rig moves, you are going to move, and your possessions will move too. The joy in this process is you get to re-visit and reflect on your life. The downside is you get to clean a little more often. Dual-purposing your items will help in your elimination.  Acting on cleaning jobs as you see them will assure they don’t pile up. Re-organizing, removing dirt and grime, and finding ways to make the most of what you’ve got are part of the journey.  

We hope you enjoy your RV spring cleaning as much as we do. It’s an opportunity to cleanse inside and out, at your own pace. And that’s what RV living is all about. Stay safe and healthy out there, and we’ll look forward to seeing you one of these months at Fisherman’s Cove Resort

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