The Original Tiny Living

New-age tiny homes and modern-day minimalist decore lead one to believe that we’ve stumbled upon a new way of living. But the original tiny living community knows this isn’t true. Ranging in size from twelve to forty-five feet and traveling the country for decades, the original tiny living community were referred to as “RV’ers” and their lifestyle, “RV’ing.”

The RV industry has been around since 1910, and those who pay attention will soon realize RV’s are abundant – especially in Florida. Seasoned veterans spend cool winters basking in Florida’s sun, and because we have so much experience with tiny living, we’re going to share the benefits of our choices with you here.

You’ll spend less.

The initial RV purchase can be overwhelming. There are many brands, styles, and reasons to buy and the skies the limit when it comes to price. Regardless of the ‘must-have’ amenities, when you add up the cost of an RV + full-time rent, you’ll find it’s a portion of what it would cost to rent a house or secure a mortgage. And now that you’ve secured your tiny space, there’s a good chance you’ll shop less too (for no other reason than limited space).

Now that you don’t own the pool, you no longer have to maintain it. And because you don’t maintain it, you don’t pay for it.  The beauty of this choice to let go is that many RV parks have pools.  If you choose an RV park with a pool you can now enjoy lounging by the water with money in your pocket.

Less stress.

Life can be challenging. A mortgage, a yard to take maintain, and regular maintenance repairs can add mountains of stress to an already complicated schedule. The last thing any of us want to do on our weekend off is work on the house.

When you live and travel in an RV, you will undoubtedly relieve some of this stress. Sure, there will be repairs and maintenance along the way, but they’ll be a portion of the project you would have had before at a portion of the cost. Plus, you can eliminate lawn care, property taxes, and about 1,100 square feet on average from your plate. You’re likely to have a beautiful spot outdoors surrounded by a helpful community when you need one. And because you’ll be downsizing your life along with the time it takes to maintain it, the organizer of your home will be happy to learn the following.

It’s easier to clean.

When we announce we live and travel in an RV “by choice,” my favorite supporting evidence becomes the fact that we can clean our entire home in less than two hours. We’re talking walls, cabinets, windows, doors, and floors in the time we used to spend dusting. And to top this cake with icing, cleaning techniques such as these simplify the process even more.  This reserves time, and space, for more important things like playing. This leads us to the next reason to choose the original tiny living.

More freedom.

Not only do we have a tiny home that requires less maintenance with less stuff that requires less cleaning – but the fact that it moves provides freedom.

Think about this. Once you have a tiny home, you can live anywhere! Heck, you can choose to live somewhere new every week while never pulling your suitcase out of the closet. Hikers can sleep on mountaintops while anglers nestle in at waterside locations. Travel-only spots and seasonal locations open doors to worlds you may never have known. Our tiny house on wheels has given us the time and the freedom to experience life at its fullest wherever we choose to park it.

We spend more time outside.

Tiny living is meant to humble us, make us grateful, and connect us with what’s important. There is no better way to do this than to spend more time in nature.

Most RV resorts are located on the outskirts of town with nearby nature attractions. There’s a good chance you’ll wind up seeing things you didn’t know existed, experiencing things you never thought you’d do, and meet people you would never have met.  And whether we’re traveling solo or with a group, the time spent in nature is never a time we regret.

You’ll set an example.

Tiny living is courageous. Giving up societal norms for an altered lifestyle is commendable. Living tiny is sustainable. Choosing to become part of a traveling community who require less, experience more, and spend time outdoors – is legendary.

Your choices to live tiny will set an example that inspires courage for those around you. You’re choosing different and by doing so you’ve opened the doors. It’s a chance to think outside of the box, do something different, grow, and learn. You will be humbled, tickled, and wiser because of it.

Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we aim to add to your wisdom by offering beautiful amenities, one-of-a-kind services, and a warm, welcoming community to support your venture. Whether you choose the original tiny living experience a couple of weekends a year, or for the rest of the year, we will be here to support your venture and look forward to seeing you!

Written by Janel Jungels

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