Florida RV Shows for 2023

Florida is a premier destination for many things. Snowbirds, fishing, and sunshine, to name a few. But we’re also knowns for some fantastic events, and today we’re here to share a few close to our hearts. Here are a few of our recommended Florida RV Shows for 2023.

Florida RV Supershow January 18 – 22

This is one of the country’s most talked about RV shows, and it’s impressive. This five-day event covers two million feet of exhibition space and over 1,500 brand-new RVs from hundreds of manufacturers. It also includes educational seminars, daily entertainment, and everything related to outdoor sports and travel. Whether you’re new to the RV world, or a seasoned veteran, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

Adults are $12, and children under sixteen are free. Seniors receive a $2 discount at the door. All details can be found on the Florida RV Trade Association website.

Fort Meyers RV Show January 26 – 29 – CANCELLED

Held annually at the Lee Civic Center in Fort Meyers, this show covers all the stops and is one of the area’s favorite annual events. Unfortunately, they had to cancel this year’s event due to Hurricane Ian. Rather than skip it, we decided to post anyway, hoping you can lend a hand (or whatever you can) to help rebuild the area. Here is an excellent site for all donations and contacts. We appreciate anything you can do for our neighbors down south. We continue to pray for those affected.

Jacksonville RV Mega Show February 9 – 12

This is the perfect RV show to attend if you have a furry friend! Rather than excusing a fun day out because fido has to wee or worrying about him at the sitters while you’re out, leash him up and bring him along! We highly recommend you make a mini stay-cay out of it and hit St. Augustine (the oldest city in America) and Disneyworld along the way. You can rest assured knowing your rig is safe and secure in our tight-knit community, and enjoy that King sized bed and bathtub the hotel offers while you’re at it!

Tampa Bay Summer RV Show June 8 – 11

If you know you’re not going to make it down this winter and don’t mind the heat, this is the show for you. A local show with true Floridians who prefer out-of-season rates and WAY less traffic will make this your new favorite. With daily giveaways and a good-sized host of exhibitors, you won’t miss much by waiting for the summer months to sizzle. Plus, you may actually get to talk to exhibitors without the larger crowds! Follow the FRVTA site for details.

Along with the monstrous shows listed above, you can find a host of fun at any RV show. If the dates or locations above don’t work for you and yours, we recommend checking into the following Florida RV Shows for 2023:

If you’re in love with your rig and want to mingle with great RV bros who travel, vacation, and love Florida as much as you do, then you’ve found your spot. At Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort, we have large sites and a slew of people from around the world looking to share their RV experience with you.

We look forward to seeing you and your rig soon!

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