Keep Cool This Summer

The height of summer brings long days, warm nights, and a consistent search for relief from the heat. Although passing days inside with A/C is an option, it’s time to find a more entertaining alternative. Experts encourage exercise and adequate vitamin D during these trying times, so we’ve come up with our top three ways to keep cool this summer – while spending time outdoors.

#1 – Create Shade

The first tip to surviving a sweltering summer outdoors is to seek shade. A glisten of sweat combined with a light sea breeze and shade will bring unimaginable relief from the sun’s rays in Florida. And your skin will thank us too.

In the instances you’re left to create shade, we’ve provided a quick run-down of the types of shade we have tried along with the pro’s and con’s.

Reflective Insulation

+ GREAT at maintaining an overall temperature in the core of the RV.
– We felt like vampires for a summer.

RV Awnings
+ Most rigs come with awning intact.
– You’ll need to pay attention to the weather.

+ Versatile and dual-purposed for beaches, back-yards, and rainy day grilling.
– Good umbrellas are expensive, but they’ll save you time chasing and replacing the cheap ones.

In the instance that you cannot find shade, cover as much of your body as possible from direct sunlight. Hats, glasses, sun shirts, gloves, and sun guards may not be the most desirable fashion, but they won’t leave you resembling last night’s lobster.

#2 – Shift Your Routine

Most people wake around the same time every day. But seasons don’t adhere to our schedule. From June to August, the hottest part of the day starts just after sunrise and extends well beyond dusk in Florida. To keep cool this summer, you will need to shift your routine.

We recommend waking before sunrise and seeking sunset. These two times of day will be the most bearable in temperature in or out of the shade. The time in-between is spent working, resting, and planning the next venture.

From walking to fishing, we trust you’ll find these moments well worth the effort for the ease of activity and beauty you’ll find.

#3 – Find Water

In the instance that you can’t find shade, don’t have a properly functioning A/C, or require adherence to an alternate schedule – find water. It’s Florida’s secret weapon.

Water nourishes us, cools the land, and keeps us sane in our subtropical heatwaves. Whether you own a pool or prefer the ocean, there is water around every corner, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Shallow seas, sandy beaches, and shade making cabanas are the perfect way to spend an afternoon or a summer, and at Fishermen’s Cove Resort, we can offer just that.  Travel only RV spots will keep you enjoying the seasons regardless of temperature or time of year. Please check our online availability for the months to come. We look forward to having you here!

Written by Janel Jungels 

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