Thanksgiving Day 2022

It’s the holiday season! Now that we’ve cleared the cobwebs from our awnings, it’s time to dream about turkey. Traditionally we’re used to purchasing the biggest turkey we can find and making a feast for our families. But now that you’re living tiny, there are some logistics to consider. We’re here to help you dissect those details for Thanksgiving Day 2022.


The first logistic to consider is what you’re willing to give up and what you’re unwilling to compromise. For instance, do you prefer sweet potato pie over mashed potatoes? Brussel sprouts to green beans? Is the turkey all that important, or would you consider a ham or even fish to shake things up? Deciding what will make your turkey day thankful is an excellent place to start.


Once you’ve decided on the non-negotiables, you’ll need to consider how much you’ll be buying of said items to meet your meal (and potential leftover) needs. To help you figure this out, here are a few measurements to consider.

One portion of each is as follows:

Turkey – 1 and 1/2 pounds
Appetizer – 3 pieces
Dips/Spreads – 3 ounces
Cheese – 2 ounces
Soup – 1 cup
Salad – 2 cups
Stuffing – 3/4 cup
Potatoes/Starch – 3/4 cup
Veggie Sides – 1 cup
Bread/Rolls – 1 piece
Gravy – 1/2 cup
9″ Pie – 1 slice

This means a meal for eight people would require a 12-14 pound turkey and two pies. A meal for 12 people would need an 18-21 pound turkey and three pies. This is a lot of food for a feast but it’s what most Americans look forward to. And for those who dive a little deeper to find things to be grateful for, you won’t be disappointed at Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort.


With warm weather, a view of the water, and brand-new amenities to entertain you and yours, our resort is an excellent option for gracefully celebrating a day such as Thanksgiving.

Spread out in our flat and spacious RV spots and kick up your feet while relaxing in the sun for the game-day event. You may also invite your family and friends to the clubhouse, where we have a game room, big screens, and comfortable seating to bide the time.

If cooking isn’t what you’re into now that you’re mobile, don’t fret. We cook our own Thanksgiving Day 2022 feast at the clubhouse for our guests! It’s a tradition here at Fisherman’s Cove to gather together and celebrate life. Our seasoned residents enjoy new faces and the camaraderie of conversation while also bringing a wealth of information and local suggestions to the table. Look for a sign-up list with all the sides you can expect your fellow travelers to bring. It may have you happily checking off your bucket list of requirements as you add them to your plate.

Whether we see you this holiday, or you remain in the comforts of your tiny home, we are thankful for your time and attention and wish you the best Thanksgiving Day 2022 possible!

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