Finding Your Place

We have been from the depths of the desert to the mountains and back.  The first few years in the RV lifestyle is a race to see as much as you can as fast as you can.  Then you settle into the rhythm and routine of RV’ing and find yourself lingering longer and driving less.  Stability and routine call us back to a system of regularity, and with this, we begin making more permanent decisions again.  Here are three things to consider when finding your place as a full-time Rv’er. 

Being adaptable creatures, we establish new patterns as we morph elegant versions of ourselves into the camping lifestyle.  Solid oak tables become camping tables, and ornamental rugs become doormats. We find ourselves negotiating with life in ways we never dreamed of and learn that our simplicity also requires compromise. 

Things like getting the paper delivered to your doorstep, showering in public stalls, and going to pot-lucks become part of everyday life in exchange for the freedom we’ve found.  But freedom doesn’t always pertain to being on the road.  Sometimes the simplicity of living in a tiny home and being able to move without packing is enough. 

For those of you looking to slow this RV life down, sleep in, and stay awhile longer, these suggestions will lend toward finding your place as a full-time RV’er.

Know what you’re interested in doing with your time. 

You may be a biker, hiker, or craftsman.  You may have no idea what you do now that you’re retired.  Either way, it’s good practice to connect with yourself and learn what it is you enjoy.  Once you have that nailed down, you can find a place that allows you to do this activity regularly. 

If you like to hike, we recommend finding your place near the mountains or preserved nature areas.  For those who have a particular sport or hobby, it may be useful to find out where people are coming together to do that.  And if you like to travel still, RV clubs may be the way to go.

If your interests aren’t as vital as the quality of your location, then the next tip will lead you to finding your place of value. 

Set your RV park boundaries. 

There are a plethora of RV parks available.  With the RV industry growing by a million new rigs per year, your long-term stay may be better chosen by those who have standards they refuse to let go of.  When choosing an RV park, you’ll want to consider things like: 

  • Rates
  • Amenities
  • Size of the spots
  • Quality of the spots
  • Area attractions
  • Weather patterns
  • Traffic
  • Reviews 

No sense in finding your place at a park where you’re unhappy, or in an area you can’t stand.  

In the instance that amenities take a back-seat to the quality of people you interact with, then this last tip is for you. 

Get to know your community.

By choosing the RV lifestyle we have chosen to stop pulling into our driveways and closing the door.  Now we park next to our homes, and interact with our neighbors on a daily basis.  This is RV’ing.  

RV’ing is about community, and good neighbors are priceless.  Whether you intended to find a tribe or not, there is an entire group of people taking the same risks and practicing the same courage you had.  The best part is, you already have something in common!  You’re RV’ers.  And that fact alone means that this is your community.

If you are open to what you become, are enticed by new locations, and are looking for a great group of people to interact with – Fisherman’s Cove Resort is one such place.  Resting at the south end of Tampa Bay surrounded by a multitude of activities and good people, we make finding your place easy. 

Fishermen, birders, outdoor enthusiasts, sun-lovers, crafters, music-lovers, explorers, movie go-ers, gamers, travelers and more exist here.  We have travel-only RV spots available for those testing their RV legs and finding their place.  We also have a great crew of full-timers welcoming those who choose to be here.  

We look forward to helping you find your place – and will be here when you’re ready. 

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