‘Tis the Season!

It’s the season of giving, and regardless of age, profession, or location, the stores, streets, and people around you will greet you accordingly. Decoration, festivities, and holiday cheer are just the beginning of the efforts this time of year provides. ‘Tis the Season for celebrating past, present, and future – and the rewards they bring.


Whether you’re new to RV’ing or consider yourself a veteran, we all remember the day we decided to let that big house go and move into our tiny box. There were so many questions to ponder and so many more that required answering to avoid friends and family tying you to your desk chair.

  • Where were you going to go?
  • What would you do there?
  • What would you do after that?

The concept of being a “full-timer” is on one-hand, freeing, and on the other, scary. Tiny spaces require fewer belongings, and being mobile means releasing the comforts of home. At this moment, hope for the future becomes more significant than a tub of trinkets you had hoped to bring, and your Christmas list to Santa says, “Luck.”


Once you had your toys and must-have trinkets squared away, that bit of luck your prayers graced you with put you on the road. As you drove across fields, watched sunsets, and experienced new things, you found joy. Joy in waking up without an alarm, making your own schedule, and truly being free to take your home with you wherever you roam. You weren’t “homeless,” you were “home-in-tow,” and tow that home you did! From the mountains to the sea, across deserts, plains, countrysides, and even a back yard or two. In winter, you’ll find yourself heading south to avoid snow and cooler temperatures. ‘Tis the Season!  Despite the lack of space, you find grace in movement. Freedom in the journey. Joy in the ride.


After the newness of RV’ing wears off, you begin to settle back into a routine. Whether that’s bacon and eggs for breakfast, or a newfound need to empty your holding tank, life has its way of habituating our comforts and creating ritual again. The chatter of fears coming from your peanut gallery subsides as they realize you’re not falling off the face of the planet, and also aren’t in imminent danger (or debt). The animals find their spots in their newfound space and take to the road with a little more ease. And the anxieties of our purpose and need to perform, take a back seat. For the first time, maybe ever, we find peace.


This is when one begins to love the life they’ve chosen. With great risks come great rewards, and despite how easy some make it seem – choosing to travel and live in an RV is a risk. Everything you own now fits in your tiny box and moves down the highway at Category 1 speeds. Sure there’s a risk of accidents, theft, injury, and sleeping in a Walmart parking lot – but you survived. And each of those moments was not only a lesson but a story. Now when you sit around with your loved ones, you get to share the highlights of your venture while reliving the life you love.

‘Tis the season for RV’ing this holiday, and every other day of the year. And if you’re looking for a place to gain hope, experience joy, peace, and love again – Fisherman’s Cove Resort will be here.

Happy Holidays to you and yours – wherever you are!

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