RV Holiday Tips

You’ve gone from 2,500 square feet to two-hundred and fifty.  Your tree could fill up your entire living room, and there’s no way you’re spouse is going to allow those tubs of decore on board.  Do you cancel your trip?  Rent a storage unit?  Forget the idea of wintering in your RV?  Follow these RV holiday tips to assure a decorative and festive holiday season!  


With two-hundred and fifty square feet, you’re going to need all the space you can get. A quick assessment of the details will assist in making the best use of it.  Here are some space-making questions to consider before applying our RV holiday tips: 

  1. How much storage space do you have? 
  2. How comfortable is your living space, and can it be altered?  
  3. What kind of fridge, freezer, or food storage capabilities do you have?  
  4. How much weight do you have to spare on board?
  5. In what ways are you willing to negotiate?  

I know, I know, you’ve already given up so much to get to this place.  But that’s the beauty of RV’ing.  It forces you to really consider what’s most important and make adjustments accordingly.  Once you’ve identified answers to the questions above, you’ll be able to apply these RV holiday tips logistically. 


If you’re not dual-purposing your possessions, you’re missing a crucial secret to RV life.  Being able to use what you have in more than one way saves space and makes the storage of your possessions worth it.  Consider these dual-purpose decorations to make the most of your weight, space, and resources this holiday season.   

  • Living trees and plants.  Why not purchase a live tree or festive garden companion?  It will provide a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift while dual-purposing as decoration in the meantime.   
  • Costume Jewelry.  Think Mardi Gras beads. They can be used as garlands on trees, make festive chandeliers when draped around light fixtures, and can be worn at every celebration without ridicule.
  • Ornaments.  If you aren’t attached to specific ornaments, these dual-purpose party favors are our favorite this year.  Hang them around doors, windows, or on curtains if you’ve decided to go sans tree.  Rinse and repeat.   
  • Battery operated candles.  These lightweight, reusable candles function as tree lights, decorative pieces, and emergency lights.  Dual-purpose them at outdoor gatherings for a care-free, fire-safe alternative to lighting your space. 
  • Pen and paper.  You know that computer paper you’ve been storing?  Cut it into snowflakes and hang them up!  They’re lightweight, festive, seasonal, and you won’t feel bad burning them to start the grill.
  • Colored light bulbs.  Nothing lights up the holidays like a little color. A couple of light bulbs should do the trick.  Re-use them for birthdays, Fourth of July, Easter, or that moment when you realize you’re out of replacement bulbs. 
  • Solid colored decore. When choosing blankets, pillows, and curtains for your rig, pay attention to the patterns and colors you favor.  A  solid red throw can dual-purpose at Christmas, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day.
  • LED string lights. You can use these lights in and out of the rig to create a fun atmosphere any time of year.
  • Red felted ribbon.  Use ribbon to decorate wine bottles, gifts, and cupboards when the holidays come near, or any time of year. 
  • Nature.  Nothing says Christmas like pine. A few oranges and cloves make a charming centerpiece. And twigs make great ornament rods! 
  • Free Ads. You can find the best deals on holiday meals while utilizing their color and holiday appeal to wrap your gifts.  Trust us, no one in your community is going to mind learning about the steak sale, or having paper to clean their windows with.


The RV lifestyle requires give and take.  You knew you would have to sacrifice a few comforts along the way.  Reflecting upon your choice to live this lifestyle is an excellent way to start the holiday season. 

Whether you’ve known your neighbors for a few hours or a few years, your RV park is your tribe.  Embracing your community is as easy as stepping outside your door, and you can use that knowledge for added fun and pleasure.

  • Don’t want to decorate?  Help a neighbor.
  • Don’t want to cook?  Plan a pot-luck.
  • Don’t want to buy gifts?  Share your time.

Many parks have festivities throughout the season and are planning on including you! Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we have a full calendar of events planned for the holidays and would love to have you join us.  Much health, wealth, and blessings to you and yours.  

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