Travel Tips for Extended Stays

The RV world has changed. Instead of families considering weekend getaways and summer vacations, they’re now going “full-time” and spending months in various locations. This is great for the camaraderie of RV’ing and challenging for travelers. To get you and your belongings to a guaranteed site for an extended period, follow our travel tips for extended stays.

TIP #1: Plan and book in advance.

Because RV parks are overwhelmed with the influx of new RV’ers coming to the scene, there’s a good chance they’re booking months in advance. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your RV dream, but it does mean you’ll need to do a little planning. We recommend booking months in advance if you plan to stay somewhere for an extended period. This will assure your spot and guarantee you’re not staring at the dumpster the entire time you’re there. If the park your heart desires is booked, ask to be added to a cancellation list. There’s a good chance life will happen, and someone else’s best-laid plans will change. For travel time and the night’s in-between destinations, be open to staying in less-desirable situations for the sake of sleep. Unless you have access to travel-only spots like ours, you may find yourself there once or twice along the way. And that’s okay. It’s all part of the RV experience.

TIP #2: Know where you can stay.

For those in-between nights when you are searching for a place to land, it’s essential to know where you can stay. Not all parking lots and neighborhoods are RV friendly. Having apps such as the CampersApp or Allstays is a good place to start. They will give you as much up-to-date information as they can along with tips on where you should and shouldn’t take your rig. Other options to consider include:
  • Walmarts (dependant on location)
  • Casinos
  • Rest Areas
  • County parks
  • Hipcamp locations
  • Boondocker clubs
  • Friends and family who may exist nearby

TIP #3: Pack what you need, and a little of what you like.

Several months away may make it seem like you’ll missr the comforts of home. As much as you plan on crafting, reading, or accomplishing the at-home activities you never get around to, there’s a good chance you won’t. Part of RV’ing is the experiences you have and the people you meet along the way. It’s not uncommon to pull into a park, get settled, and barely get a drink in hand before you’re interacting with neighbors and eating BBQ in the tiki hut for the night. What used to feel like long-drawn-out days will go by in a flash. Weeks seem like moments in time, and months will pass before your eyes. RV’ing is about slowing down, relaxing, and flowing with a more natural pace of life. Bring a book or two, pack the items you don’t want to buy, and leave the rest behind. Surely you’ll fill that space with souvenirs, mementos, and plain old-fashioned fun. We look forward to seeing you for a night, a month, or a season, here at Fisherman’s Cove.

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