COVID Friendly

Whether you love your friends or hate them, it’s been a challenging couple of years for friendships. As fear of our mortality couples with political perspectives, health choices, and local mandates, the stress on relationships has grown tense. Those we thought we knew react differently than we expected. And those we never thought we’d entertain a conversation with are our new best friends. What’s nice about being in the RV world during this trying time is that most of us have already decided to leave our friends behind. And because we’re a courageous breed of travelers, we’re finding that RV parks are some of the most covid friendly places to be.

When you’re stationary, friendships have parameters. How close you live, what you have in common, and who you know all come into play when choosing who you’ll spend your finite time with. But once you decide to RV, time itself opens up. This freedom allows a lot of wiggle room for the nuances of friendship. And the best part is, you already have something in common!

The RV community can all empathize with a love of travel, being on the road, and living smaller. With this foundation laying the groundwork, it’s easy to make friends with those you meet. They may love to golf, and you may love to hike, but if you’re both in Florida for a change, you’ll probably enjoy a game of pickle ball in the sun, a day at the pool, or a joint venture to the beach!

We are taught to think of friendships as the family we choose, putting our friends into a lifelong category regardless of the conditions. There is still room for these friends in your RV life, but when times get rough, the lighthearted nature of the mobile friends around you will be your saving grace.

RV’ers are in this lifestyle for the adventure. They’re in it for the fun. They want to meet, greet, explore, and have a good time. It’s not uncommon to pull into a new spot and know your neighbors before nightfall. With resorts like ours hosting various events, it’s even easier to meet people who are also searching for these experiences. And if for some reason you don’t meet someone to cheer’s your life with, all is not lost. You’ve still visited a new area, had some new experiences, and have all the rewards (and conflicts) of your lifelong friendships awaiting you at home.

When traveling to unknown areas you wish to explore, we recommend finding a resort like ours with a good mix of travelers alongside full-time residents. This allows for the travel spirit, new friends, and a host of welcoming people ready to make suggestions on local favorites.

So if you’re stir crazy, sick of walking on glass, and ready to make a run for it, consider the safest covid friendly form of travel and get you’re butt down here! We’ll be here ready to welcome you and yours with a warm smile.

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