The Safest Form of Travel

There are many seemingly unsafe aspects of RV’ing.  Traveling down the road with tons of cargo, never being able to plan too far into the future, and not knowing when the journey will end being a few.  But when life gets uncertain, RV travel could very well be the safest form of travel available.  

We make plans, and although they often come to fruition, there are times they completely fall apart.  Hotels get overbooked, flights get delayed, cruises cancel, and restaurants require reservations two weeks in advance.  A once dreamed about vacation can quickly turn into a week spent in your living room chasing dust bunnies and swearing off ever vacationing again.  Unless, of course, you’re RV’ing!  

RV’ing is the safest form of travel for the very fact that none of these scenarios apply.  You have a place to sleep, wheels to travel, numerous destinations to choose from, and a kitchen inside your rig.  And if that weren’t enough to at least have you considering the concept – here are a few more reasons RV’ing is the safest form of travel. 

You have all your amenities and necessities on board. 

Don’t underestimate this strength.  You have clean linens, your very own toiletries, your preferred food items, and a medicine cabinet full of the items you may be seeking in the instance you experience a fall, allergies, or tummy ache.  You are no longer at the mercy of what may or may not be available in your area because you have a space big enough to host a myriad of creature comforts.  This means you can focus more energy on the experience, and less energy on making yourself comfortable inside of it.  

You are more likely to engage in outdoor activities. 

RV parks are usually on the outskirts of town.  Driving large rigs in traffic is not only the most unsought practice of RV owners, but it doesn’t make much sense to RV – in the city.  RV’ing is a form of camping.  “Glamping,” if you will.  And the whole point is to be able to live comfortably – in the wilderness.  

Science has proven that spending time outdoors provides several health benefits.  It can reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure while improving memory, immunity, and outlook on life.  Spending time in nature is valuable, and the more we do it, the stronger we get.  

You have an RV, and you know how to use it. 

Consider this:  You are planning to travel to (insert destination), and you decide to drive your RV.  Not only do you have your necessities and the outdoors to rely upon, but you now have a large vessel to travel to your destination.  In the instance that your destination was intolerable – you could pick up and move.  If you had to move far away – you’d have water, fuel, and power onboard.  Should you choose to stay, you’ll have a community of RV’ers who have already accepted their tribal duties and are willing to help each other.  This is RV’ing, and this makes RV’ing the safest form of travel.  

RV’ers understand the costs and rewards of RV’ing.  They also come from a wide range of backgrounds.  Because of this you are going to find a variety of people who cumulatively could know just about everything.  If not, we can guarantee they have just about every tool.  And with the right mindset, they could build mountains. 

Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we have a full-time community of RV’ers who are more than welcoming of travelers and protective of their tribe.  Known for being one of the friendliest parks around with a great mix of knowledge and skillsets, we pride ourselves on our ability to grow with the changes life brings.  

We look forward to seeing you on your vacation or anytime life brings you to Florida.  Safe travels!  

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