Top 5 Reasons to Love RV’ing

When’s the last time you felt daring, rebellious, or excited even?  Can you name the number of “first’s” you’ve had this week?  At what moment did you stop exploring and settle for monotony?  There’s proof that you can live again – with minimal risk involved.  We call them “RV’er’s,” and they have countless reasons why this lifestyle is worth the transition.  In this article, we will cover our ‘Top 5 Reasons to Love RV’ing’.  

REASON #5: Nature

It’s no longer a question that spending time outdoors contributes to our health. Our minds shift from the chatter that plagues us, and we end up watching birds or listening to the waves crash on the shore. In a world where we learn to keep a consistent sense of urgency, our ability to do the opposite is the more significant feat. Nature provides the perfect setting for this transition. With RV parks spanning from the suburbs to the mountaintops, one has a chance to nurture themselves back to health. RV’ing allows us to access this beauty just outside our doorsteps, from anywhere you want to be.

REASON #4: Community 

Contrary to popular belief, RV’ing is anything but lonely. As soon as you pull into your spot, you’ll realize you’re anything but alone. That’s because RV’ing is built around community! Even though you may never see them again, and you can’t remember so-and-so’s name for the life of you, there’s a good chance you’re going to have at least one thing in common. The fact that you both own an RV is a start. A single step out your door, and you’ll run into good people willing to share their wisdom, interests, and stories. A man once told us his only goal was “to be a good neighbor.” Life’s goals should remain this simple.

REASON #3: Simplicity 

RV’ing can seem complicated. You have to select and maintain a rig you know nothing about. Then you have to downsize to something the size of your closet. There’s a definite learning curve to figuring out the many nuances ahead of you. I’ve come to conclude it’s a built-in distraction to ease us into a simpler life. This minor distraction leaves you happy you have something to do, and thankful for the respite once the work is done. Having less space means you spend less time shopping and more time socializing with the neighbors. Conversations shift from keeping up with the news or Bob’s new deck, to how to live more with less. You realize quantity doesn’t equal quality, and living life simply makes it easier to appreciate – everything.

REASON #2:  Movement 

So now that your house moves, and you have to move stuff to get to things because you’re tiny living, you’re going to move too! Initially, it will seem like work the way camping can be work. Except now you’re “glamping,” and this phase doesn’t last long. The parts on your rig will need to move every so often to remain functional. The drawers and cabinets will need cleaning twice a year to avoid clutter. And the dog will need to ‘move’ at least twice a day. Good news is, your body will be moving to make it all happen! Nothing strenuous, just consistent. Move it – or lose it. It’s a good motto for RV life.

REASON #1:  Travel 

“Fifty-five, stay alive,” is our motto on the road. One can see so much at this pace. There are no tickets, security checks, or schedules. It’s just you and the open road for as long as you choose, at the pace you choose. And you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a desire to travel. Which is why travel is reason #1 in our ‘Top 5 Reasons to Love RV’ing.’  Not one person we’ve ever met, adversities included, has ever said they regretted traveling. You get this. Which is why you’ve downsized, simplified, re-connected, and are now experiencing “first’s” regularly. THIS is living! In your past, you would have compared it to watching a movie in slow-motion. Except this is your life. Who doesn’t want to slow it down and enjoy it a bit?

Naturally, these changes don’t come overnight.  But life’s not about being the fastest or getting to the end quickly.  I would dare to say it’s more about consistency and one’s ability to enjoy the journey.  There are many more reasons to RV than the ‘Top 5 Reasons to Love RV’ing’ we’ve listed here.  We look forward to hearing what you come up with!

At Fisherman’s Cove Resort we’re ready to host you for a weekend, a season, or a lifetime if you’re so inclined!  And we guarantee there’s enough community, sunshine, and entertainment around to keep you here for as long as you choose to stay.  We look forward to getting to know you and your rig when you travel through!

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