Camaraderie of Camping

There are many things to fall in love with when it comes to RV’ing. The freedom of the road, the beauty of nature, and the vastness of experience are few. But our favorite, by far, is the community. When you buy an RV, you silently join a club of like-minded individuals searching for a similar purpose. This is the camaraderie of camping.

Camaraderie is defined as “mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.” We couldn’t explain the RV lifestyle better. Upon the first venture in a rig, one discovers that what seemed like a loan venture is not, in actuality, lonely at all.

The minute you pull into our park, you are greeted by smiling welcoming committee’s eager to help you find your spot with ease. Passing neighbors share information about the area and help you to become aware of amenities and upcoming events. And if that’s not inviting enough, the water just outside your doorstep will be! This is just the beginning of the camaraderie of camping you’ll find here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort. And because we’re enthusiastic about this lifestyle, we’ve come up with a few more.


Living tiny means there’s only so much time that we can spend indoors before we need to seek new ventures. And being an RV’er is a cause to celebrate alone. Campfires, a friendly competition in the game room, or afternoon poolside lounging are just a few of the pastimes we enjoy here. Give us a reason to celebrate further, and you won’t be hard-pressed to find a fan club to join you!

Because our guests and residents plan our events, you’ll find activities every walk of life can enjoy. From garden clubs to sweet treats and Super Bowl parties, we don’t let the economy’s craziness or the hum-drums of life bring us down. There is so much to be grateful for, and we find ourselves stating enthusiastically, “We live here!” time and again.

Lifestyle Choices

Choosing the RV lifestyle, whether you are stationary or nomadic, makes you an “RV Bro” with or without your consent. You have made a courageous move to choose differently, and for that reason, you have a collective of Antevasin’s at your fingertips.

Ranging from all walks of life and varied lifestyle choices, you’ll be surprised at how much you have in common with those you would never have conversed with in years past. Condition, position, origin, and friendships camouflage themselves when everyone has similar space and amenities available. This likeness breaks down barriers that otherwise may have held you back from your new best friends and travel companions!

Special Interests

Even the most rigid and skeptical of personality ends up experiencing new things as an RV’er. Like a wave washing over you, the lifestyle itself creates ripples through one’s character opening them to new places, new people, and as a result, new experiences. Trust us when we say at some point, you won’t be able to help yourself. And there you’ll be, singing karaoke or riding a horse into the sea, thinking to yourself, “I would never have imagined I’d be doing this in a million years!”

This is the perspective the camaraderie of camping brings. Without the shell of the lives we created, we become free to be whoever we are today. No shame, no excuses. And you’ll be surprised at how many bonds you form because of it. Your RV Bro’s will love you for it.

Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we aim to assist you in finding these experiences. With camaraderie and camping opportunities in every direction on just about every day, you’ll feel right at home right where you park it.

We look forward to meeting you and spending quality time together!

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