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An event calendar is a must for warmer areas where we spend our winter months sans shovel. Not only does it bring fellow RV’ers together, but it also breaks up the monotony of sunshine we experience. At Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we are always open to new ideas and hosts, which is why we are allowing volunteers to organize the events! To get your brains ticking on the type of cool stuff you could spend your winter vacation enjoying – we have listed a few fun and easy event calendar ideas for you to explore. 

Exercise Groups

One of our favorite event calendar ideas is exercise groups. Not only do they keep us fit throughout the season of cookies, cocktails, and calorie-dense meals, but they gift us with strong allies in new areas. Historically we have hosted Zumba classes in the tiki hut, walking and biking groups, and even resistance classes in the exercise room. But we are open to any activity and would love to know what you are interested in breaking a sweat over. 

Outdoor Enthusiasts

There’s no sense spending time in the sunshine state if you’re not going to spend some of it outdoors. That being said, why not focus that time on something you can learn and explore? With a boat launch, kayak rentals, and a beautiful bay on-site, it’s easy to get on the water. We also have expert birders, beach go-ers, and many other outdoor enthusiasts who would love to have you along for their fishing, hunting, or exploratory venture. 

Area Exploration

Florida is a tourist mecca during the winter months, and there is no shortage of things to do. Regardless of age or interest, you’ll find plenty of seasonal festivities to keep your social calendar full. A few of our favorites include local farmer’s markets where you can find Fresh from Florida produce, world-renowned beaches, and numerous state and county parks. Within a two-hour drive, your park explorations can range from freshwater springs to saltwater sanctuaries and everything in between. 


We love to play, and part of what brings us together is a little good old fashion competition. With an ongoing poker club, bingo enthusiasts, bocce lovers, a brand new pickleball court, a game room full of shuffleboard, darts, ping pong, pool tables, and more – you’re sure to find new friends and fun. Don’t see your favorite game or want to try something new? We are always open to learning and are passionate about ‘firsts’.  

Evening Events

We love getting dressed up and walking safely to and from the event! In the past, we have had no shortage of pool parties, karaoke kick-offs, and BBQs. With a poolside fire pit, outdoor grill, large covered seating area overlooking the bay, and mounds of space, we’re sure you’ll come up with plenty of ideas on how to have fun waterside with your RV park friends this winter. 

Rather than attending the events you take an interest in and shunning the ones you don’t, we invite you to be one-of-a-kind and create your own. It’s a chance to start something new in a year when the old ways don’t seem to work anymore and we’re excited to see what our guests and residents come up with!  

We look forward to seeing you at Fisherman’s Cove for all our upcoming events this winter. 


Written by Janel Jungels 

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