Beat the Summer Heat

It’s summer! And with that comes the concerns about Florida’s summer heat. We’re here to share a few fun facts and our favorite ways to beat the summer heat, Florida style. 

Believe it or not, Tampa Bay has never hit one-hundred degrees. Seriously! Since 1890 when they started recording our daily temperatures, we’ve never crossed that barrier. And the fact stands true today, which is more than most of our nation can say. 

Although temperature is rarely a concern, our heat index is the stat we watch. Any time you combine heat and humidity, you’ll feel the swelter (think steaming). But we’re here to share our favorite ways to beat the summer heat while enjoying all Florida has to offer. 


The sun rises earlier and sets later, making for long days and picture-perfect nights. When it comes to summer in Florida, you will enjoy it best with a shift in schedule. 

Morning is the time to rise and shine to get stuff done. The dew is still on the ground (versus in the air), and because you see the break of dawn around 6:00 am, you’ll have several hours to do whatever it is you had planned.

Most Floridians head inside mid-day for a bit of lunch and respite and re-consider joining the world again come late afternoon. You’ll have several hours to grill out, enjoy the pool, or hit the beach since the sun set’s around 9:00 pm. 


We’ve heard locals say it a million times, and we tend to agree. Florida in the shade is enjoyable. 

If you’re anywhere along the coast, it will be a rare day when you don’t have a breeze. And if you’re inland, a fan will do the trick. Either way, if you can keep that sun off your precious skin we believe you’ll also find that the heat’s not that bad.

Most RVs have awnings or a shady side of the rig. If you have neither, we have SPF shade canopies at our dog park and pool for anyone wanting to be outside in the sun.


The only thing better than shade is water. And the water is not hard to find. Take a dip in our pool, launch your water toys at our private boat dock, or travel to one of our nearby beaches for a dip in the sea. Our kayak and paddle board rentals are free to visitors all summer! 

You may be surprised by the length of time you’re able to hang out in the warm Gulf waters. This means you can take your donut, a cold beverage, and your shades and float until you’re done (not cold).

And if none of the talk above is appealing in any way and you prefer your summers in temperate seventy-something degrees, there are plenty of things to do nearby that will assure you some great A/C.

Summer in Florida is a time to wake early, meet up with friends, go to the water, and rest in the shade. It’s a childhood dream, and we invite you to bring your inner child to Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort to celebrate it with us.

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