Tips When Buying an RV

What used to be a recreational vehicle has turned into a way of life. Kitchen islands, fireplaces, and dishwashers have made it very comfortable to live in an RV. With more and more people converting to this mobile lifestyle, we’re here to share some tips when buying an RV – from an RV’ers perspective. 

Tip #1: Foundation 

If the foundation of your RV is solid, the rest can be altered or maintained. This means your tires, axels, stabilizing jacks, and exterior walls, including the roof. “If the bones are good,” as Maren Morris so poignantly states, the rest can be forgiven.   

Tires should have a good amount of tread with no signs of damage and be large enough to hold the weight capacity of a fully-loaded rig. 

Axels and jacks should show no signs of damage or severe deterioration and should move with ease. 

The walls and roof should show no signs of puncture or water damage inside or out. A well-maintained rig is a good sign of a lasting experience. 

Tip #2: Function

Think about an RV for you and your loved ones, and then match the type and amenities to your goals. You don’t need a fireplace if you’re into building fires.  We suggest starting with the following to sort through the vast array of RVs available.  


Motorhome, fifth wheel, or bumper pull? All have benefits and disadvantages. Most importantly – how comfortable will you be driving it? Highway speeds, tight spaces, and backing it up are all things to be considered. 

Length and Width

How much space do you need? This may be best determined by how much stuff you plan on bringing with you. The number of inhabitants and amount of storage will directly affect how crowded you feel. 

Number of Beds 

If you have children, dogs, or just a lot of friends you know will come to visit, do you want to be setting up the kitchen table into a bed every night, or would you prefer having a guest room for them to stay in? All are available and possible if you know what you’re looking for. 

Kitchen size and type

Do you cook? The kitchen, dining, and living area are the main event in a rig, so consider the layout and how it will address your culinary needs in your tiny space.

Tips #3: Location

Purchasing an RV is one thing, but finding a space to put it will be the next challenge. There is a high demand to get into RV parks.  So the last of our tips when buying an RV is to consider those in a location like ours! 

Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we have a fantastic community. From seasoned full-timers to travelers on an adventure.  It’s warm, sunny, and on the water when you need a respite from your new RV. 

We hope to see you in whatever form of travel you choose and wish you the best in your search! 

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