Red Snapper

We are in the height of American Red Snapper Season. Avid anglers and visitors hear talk of these delicious fish and want to get their hands on one. Here are the in’s and out’s of Red Snapper and all you need to know to be successful. 

It would be best if you got your hands on a boat to catch one of these awe-inspiring fish. Although they may run inshore, you’re more likely to find them offshore near a reef. You can rent a boat from a nearby boat club or hire a local charter to do the work for you. If you have a boat, rest assured in your ability to launch from our private boat ramp with immediate access to Tampa Bay and the Gulf within minutes. 


Red Snapper are managed differently in the Gulf than in the Atlantic Ocean. Gulf waters are from shore to nine nautical miles, and the season runse from June 17 through July 31, which means we’re in the middle of it! Thankfully, if you miss this opportunity, you can also catch them on the following weekends. Be sure to reserve your RV spot now! 

Oct. 8 & 9

Oct. 15 & 16

Oct. 22 & 23

Nov. 11, 12 & 13

Nov. 25, 26 & 27


Red snapper grow at a moderate rate and can reach lengths of forty inches and a weight of fifty pounds. They can live as long as fifty years and are identified by their triangular face, sharp teeth, and bright red coloring. 


Red Snapper feed on shrimp, crabs, squid, and other forms of bait fish alongside desirable predators such as grouper, shark, and jacks. 


Anglers using hook-and-line to target Red Snapper will need to use non-stainless steel, non-offset circle hooks north of twenty-eight degrees latitude. If you are south of this line, you will still need to use non-stainless steel hooks. Don’t forget to bring various lead weights and strong lines as you’ll be fishing them at thirty feet or deeper. 


Red Snapper must be at least sixteen inches in length with a limit of 2 per person. Snappers have a bag limit of ten total, so make sure to fill at least two of your bounty with these beauties if you have the option. 


Red Snapper are managed by state and federal regulators and is therefore considered a sustainable seafood choice. With a firm texture and a sweet, nutty flavor, they are the fancy of seafood lovers near and far. They pair well with chilis, herbs, and many spices in between. They can be broiled, grilled, pan-fried, steamed, baked, and deep-fried. Our personal favorite is to make Snapper Veracruz. You can find a video demonstration or a PDF of this recipe here. 

Whether you pull one of these bad boys out of the water yourself or order them on the menu of a local seafood restaurant, you won’t be disappointed. They are a choice saltwater fish and one we hope to hear you talk about when you visit Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort. See you soon! 

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