Florida is OPEN

It’s easy to get consumed in chaos. The past year has brought more change and raised more questions than most of us desire to encounter. Despite the potential hysteria available, one region of the country has remained grounded and steadfast in its convictions. And Florida is open!

For those who watch mainstream media, you’d think Florida is whirling in covid winds worse than last season’s hurricanes. But the truth of the matter is, it’s pretty normal. Or at least as “normal” as Florida gets. We’re not throwing caution to the wind and putting our fellow man at risk. But we are allowing the freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as intended. And we invite you to join us.

Florida is a tourism industry. Without our travelers and tourists, ninety percent of the economy shuts down. We experienced this in our last state of emergency with the 2018 Red Tide. For those of you who followed that disaster, you learned that it was detrimental to our existence. A few examples of what you’ll find when you come to Florida are listed below.

Bars and Restaurants are Open.

Depending on the county you are visiting, you may still be required to wear a mask. This is the business’s discretion in fully open counties and is strictly held in more populated areas. Regardless, you can frequent your favorite eatery or grab a drink on the beach while you are here, which is part of the Florida experience.

Fishing is Open.

We live in the fishing capital of the world. Locals, tourists, and annual visitors alike come for the variety of delectable table fare and sport fishing these waters have to offer.

During the heaviest parts of COVID restrictions, fishing was pretty much all there was to do. Beaches were limited, businesses were closed, and a day on the water to get out into the sunshine was a savior for most Floridians.

Charter Captains worked to limit party sizes on boats and measured seat capacity to assure distancing was available as required. But it didn’t stop us from getting on the water and experiencing one of the main reasons people come here. And because Florida is open, our fishing is open to those with the courage to take on the challenge.

Housing is available.

Although there are plenty of hotels in Florida, most of our housing options exist in private rentals on the beach. Property management companies, independent homeowners, and condominiums rely on our annual winter travelers and have worked extra hard to ensure things are clean and comfortable upon your arrival.

For those who enjoy a more intimate stay with the comforts of home, RV parks have travel spots available for maybe the first time. Unless, of course, you are familiar with parks like ours that assure travel capabilities all-year-long.

Contrary to popular belief and erroneous imaginations, we’re pretty much enjoying a close-to-normal lifestyle in Florida. Residents and visitors remain aware and courteous. Officials comply with compassion and understanding, and locals are happy to see so many visitors with the courage to visit our great state. For those of you who were curious, we’re here to remind you that Florida is OPEN.

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