Where Treasure is Found

Florida is home to many unique experiences. Alligators, tiny deer, and extreme fishing, to name a few. What one man considers dull may constitute another man’s treasure. And if treasure is the experience you’re after, Florida is the place where treasure is found! 

From the Panhandle to the Gold Coast and just about everywhere in between are tales of treasures buried and found. The most recent discovery estimated $6,000 in silver coins just last year.

The most famous treasure sits just off the coast of Florida in Sebastian’s inlet, where $300,000 worth of gold, jewels, and valuables have been uncovered. The Spanish Treasure Fleet of 1715 lost eleven ships in this location, and the Spanish Culture ministry estimates that only one-quarter of sunken Spanish vessels between 1492 and 1898 have been found. 

In addition to these tales of riches, we are finding evidence of treasures throughout Florida. The Ashley Gangs buried $360,000 in the Everglades. An estimated $6 Million worth of gold bars is said to be buried on St. George Island. And Don Felipe’s family fortune is buried somewhere northeast of Ocala. 

The romance and desire to stumble upon gold coins washed ashore after a storm doesn’t seem to fall far from the top of most people’s ‘Cool Things to do in Florida’ list. But if money isn’t the only treasure you hold dear, one could also consider the following. 

Weeki Wachee Mermaid Show

Place yourself in a 400-seat auditorium and prepare to be dazzled as real-life mermaids perform their world-renowned show in the crisp spring waters, right before your very eyes. These mermaids don’t just swim, but they eat and drink underwater too! To secure a seat, you must arrive early. Everyone who has been assures us this treasure is worth the wait. 

Devil’s Den

This isn’t your regular snorkel excursion. With an annual 72-degree water temperature, and fossils dating back 33 million years, Devil’s Den is a premier snorkel and scuba diving site. See stalactites, stalagmites, and much, much more in this underground adventure. 

Note: Tickets run $15-22 per person, and you are limited to ninety minutes in the cave per reservation due to COVID restrictions. 

St. Augustine

Travel back in time by visiting the Nations oldest city. Filled with historical locations, museums, a multitude of dining experiences, and a wide array of entertainment, you’re sure to not only treasure but return to this area again. It’s also where Richard Crowe’s buried $60,000 in gold coins. 

Fisherman’s Cove Resort

Located on the historic coastline of Terra Ceia Bay rests a well-known travelers secret. Once farmland turned fisherman’s haven and now functioning as a year-round RV resort, Fisherman’s Cove Resort is worth adding to your Florida treasure adventure. 

A private boat ramp, fishing pier with onsite guides, tiki huts, and water views make it the place to land while exploring Florida’s riches. And when you meet the community, you’ll know why it makes our list of places where treasure is found. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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