Normal to Nomadic

Roughly forty million people in the United States own an RV. What used to be a forced financial hardship has turned into a lifestyle choice, and as of 2018, over one million RV’ers were living in their rigs full-time. We’re here to shed light on the nuances that bring us from ‘normal to nomadic’ and the benefits involved.

As full-time RV’ers, we’re often asked about the need for stability. What about your dogs? Your kids? Your job? All questions we’ve asked ourselves and answer for onlookers, regularly. With a bit of experience, ingenuity, and a will to live, we have found that not only do the answers come easy, but with a smile.


Despite the need for a rig, fuel, and a place to park at night, the cost of RV’ing full-time isn’t as extreme as it may seem. As of 2017, full-time RV’ers were saving an average of $5k a year while traveling.

By replacing a mortgage, insurance, taxes, utilities, and expensive repairs, you’ve just about created the nest egg you’ll need to get started! From there, it comes down to a few simple decisions about how to approach life. You can find an in-depth article exploring concepts such as budget, rent, travel considerations, location, and the nuances of living on the road here.


The days of using your pets as an excuse to stay home are over! Yes, we know it’s easier to open the door or let that automatic feeder do the job. But for those who desire more than the entertainment of your furry friends’ backyard exploration, we’re here to tell you it’s possible.

RV’ers travel with dogs, cats, lizards, birds, and more. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and you’d be surprised how flexible your travel pals will be. With their primary survival needs intact, the change of scenery is a welcomed blessing. Plus, our confined spaces force us to cuddle closer and explore more often, which our furry friends enjoy.


Raising children requires space. This makes the concept of kids on the road almost unfathomable. But people are doing it regularly, and successfully with a little ingenuity. Sure, they don’t have big rooms or lots of closet space, but they have endless outdoor activities to engage in all around.

The only thing more fun than teaching history is seeing it! And RV’ing is a way to do just that. From genius toddlers to teenage scholars, they come in all shapes and sizes with smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes.  Spending quality time with their parents, learning new skills, and exploring new areas is something they seem to enjoy.


With the shut-down of multiple businesses and the mandates to quarantine, many were moved to a work-from-home environment.  The expanded ability to work anywhere encouraged professionals to consider new views.

RV’s are a perfect host for just this environment. As cubicles turned to kitchen tables and break-rooms turned to beach-side benches we’re seeing many make the best of their remote situations – on the road.

Many of life’s decisions require significant risks to receive great rewards. Choosing to RV full-time is one such arena. It isn’t easy to understand it until you’ve fully immersed yourself in it. The open road, the ability to move your home from mountain top to seaside, and the freedom that comes with having less and living more are just a few of the reasons we hear.

We will be here accepting you and all your nuances as you transition from ‘normal to nomadic’. We hope to see you, your family, animal friends, or whatever nuances come with you as you transition from normal to nomadic for any length of time!

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