When Summer Comes

Spring is a bittersweet time for Floridians. As excited as we are to feel the warmth of summer’s return, we are also sad to see many processes of the winter end. We realize that to fill a space, we must first empty it. So today, we’re saying goodbye to a few of our favorites and sharing what brings excitement when summer comes. 


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the most prevalent reasons for the winter season’s festiveness – our Snowbirds. They bring a bustle about town that we don’t see the rest of the year, and they boost business for all those residing in Florida. We build businesses to accentuate what we love about this subtropical paradise, and the interaction we receive from annual visitors is what we look forward to all year.  


Along with the people we meet, there are many actual birds we love seeing, from painted buntings to warbles. With so many birding areas to visit and so many birds to capture, it wouldn’t be Florida without the birds, and we never cease to appreciate their beauty. 


Along with the birds, there are select locations in the cold winter months where we can find creatures of the sea we’ve been dying to see. Apollo Beach is one such place, and we make sure to make the trip every year to show off our beloved Manatees. We know they’re in the water all year long, but to see them up close and personal reminds us of the beauty and wonder we encompass all year.


Because most species’ time with us is dependent upon the weather, we will also miss the winter season. Winter in Florida is the ‘dry’ time of year, and we enjoy the calm winds, reduced bug populations, and a tolerable heat index. But don’t be fooled by our subtropic climate because Tampa Bay has never broken one hundred degrees! This leads me to what we look forward to when summer comes. 

Lightening Storms

As scary and depressing as the thought of rain may seem, it’s a wonderful blessing when you live in Florida. Like an island, pop-up storms and rolling thunder clouds come and go cooling the earth and clearing the sand off everything it touches. And that’s just the beginning of the beauty. Our high-energy location means most storms are electric! You haven’t seen the awe and beauty of the clouds until they clap you into presence the way our lightning storms do. For us Floridians, it’s a great time to respite and enjoy the beauty while it lasts. 


Whether you prefer sunrise or sunset, there are few occasions as lasting as an incredible sunset on the Gulf. Spending at least an hour on the beach in the warm breeze while closing the day with peace and gratitude is what this lifestyle is about, and we have seen some of the best sunsets right here in our backyard. 


For those who can’t sit still that long, allow your family to sit and relax while you enjoy life alongside them with our last summer favorite…beach fishing. You’d be surprised how close the fish come to shore and how exciting a little wading at the beach can become! Follow our fishing blog for more details there. 

Regardless of your reason or season, Fisherman’s Cove Resort is happy to host you and yours while you explore the things you love. We look forward to seeing you when summer comes! 


Photo Credit: Kimber Lambert

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