3 Reasons to Winter Florida

Sunset on Terra Ceia Bay
Photo Credit: Loving Nature by Judy Rogero

As rainy days turn to cold nights and fields show signs of frost, Floridians are preparing for peak season.  Florida is a beautiful place in winter, and visitors from as far north as Canada return annually.  Ever wondered why they keep coming back?  Here are the top 3 reasons to winter Florida this year.  


3 Reasons to Winter Florida

Without sunshine, days can be dreary and dull. Storms roll in, and clouds roll through but rarely do we experience a whole day without the warmth of the sun. As the “Sunshine State,” this pairs perfectly with our white sand beaches and year-round golf courses. During the winter, moderate temperatures followed by cool nights create the perfect combination for outdoor enthusiasts and patio lovers alike. Some would claim it’s the best time of year. Bug counts are low, population counts are high, and you won’t find a snow shovel in sight. This is reason number one to winter, Florida. Click here to read predictions for the upcoming year. 


3 Reasons to Winter Florida

With over a million visitors and a thriving tourist economy, the one thing you won’t find lacking in this great state is something to do with your time! This is reason number two for our three reasons to winter Florida.

When wintering Florida, it requires more effort to sustain from activities than it does to immerse yourself in them. Local businesses geared for increased volume look forward to the opportunity to reunite old friends. You’ll meet people from around the world on your ventures, and if venturing isn’t your passion, you won’t be hard-pressed to meet them near home.  

Here at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we have a healthy social calendar. Weekly game nights, social gatherings in the tiki hut, and a brand new pickleball court are just a few of the events to engage in during your stay. And because we’re one of the few resorts offering ‘travel-only’ spots, you can join us!   


3 reasons to winter Florida

With temperatures averaging in the ’70s and only a few short weeks of colder nighttime temperatures, Floridians have adapted ‘winter’ season to the months the Snowbirds come. “Snowbird” is a term that differentiates seasonal visitors from the year-round residents. Much like the beautiful birds that gift us with their presence, Snowbirds come south in the winter to escape the cold up north. We can’t blame them. And we’re glad they do! Acting on their courage to migrate each year increases stories, laughter, and culture at our tables. Without their carefree attitudes, Florida wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Much like the sun, it brings smiles to our faces to see their return.

If you’re considering a winter home to snowbird, we highly recommend you add Florida to the list. Sunshine, socials, and friendly people are just a few of the things you’ll find here. That’s an excellent foundation for fun!

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