Come Stay on Terra Ceia Bay

It’s easy to talk about fishing. With so many species, scenarios, and endless tips on how to catch, we could talk about fishing for years. But the one thing we don’t often talk about is the ecosystem necessary to keep our water and our fish healthy. Here at Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort, we are proud to talk about and demonstrate our living shoreline for all to see. Please grab a cup of coffee at our newly renovated clubhouse and travel with us as we present the magic that abounds when you come stay on Terra Ceia Bay.

Tucked amongst the mangroves lies an RV resort full of life. Light beams peek through the canopy as the sun rises, revealing anoles, agamas, and skinks. Softshell turtles surface as dew glistens in freshly spun spider webs, signaling it will be an uninterrupted sunny day. Reptiles and amphibians sun themselves as feathered friends begin to chatter. Fishermans Cove RV Resort has risen to greet the day!

Live oaks range from shrubs to ancient trees, their dense, glossy leaves reflecting the sunlight and creating a respite from the day’s heat in their shadows. The flit of a wing draws the eye from a drapery of Spanish moss to the whirl of entrances and exits our residents create. The birding opportunities here are endless. We welcome the return of annual species from season to season while enjoying our permanent subtropical beauties.

When we RV, nature reveals itself in rhythm with our new pace. A walk around the resort will yield countless opportunities to observe Terra Ceia’s best representatives. The tiniest of critters thriving means the mightiest of monsters will too. Fisherman’s Cove Resort’s living shoreline thrives with apex predators such as dolphins and sharks to their descending micro food sources.

Upper Terra Ceia Bay consists of brackish water flowing freely as an integral part of a 24,900-acre Aquatic Preserve. Walk softly onto the fishing pier and sneak a peek at our resident snook and redfish, along with many other forms of marine life. With signature species such as manatees signifying a complete ecosystem, we can’t help but feel gratitude for our protected and abundant waters.

Our on-site pond reveals numerous types of turtles who make their way to resident grounds to lay their eggs each spring. Ducks roost in the trees nearby and are known for briefly showing their little ones before tucking them away in the mangroves for raising. Hunters such as Osprey and Hawks are known to swoop at unattentive prey. And we even spot a baby alligator or two as nature cycles itself forward.

Nearby buzzards are never too far to present their value in our natural kingdom. As life balances itself with death, so does the light with the dark. Twilight offers an opportunity to view night predators in their natural act. Armadillo, raccoons, opossum, fox, and wildcats can be glimpsed before they duck into the underbrush of surrounding forest lands.

As we lie in our tiny travel homes to rest at night, we enjoy the quiet of the last chunk of quiet on the coast. Cicadas and frogs lull us to sleep while we dream of new adventures. In the morning, we will wake up and enjoy the living shoreline and the opportunities around us. This is how it goes when you come stay on Terra Ceia Bay. Join us!

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