Florida Fishing License Regulations

Anyone who’s been to Florida and everyone who’s fished Florida will urge you to stop delaying and make a plan to fish this anglers heaven.  With multiple species lining every coastline, a quick read through this article will assure you’re up to speed on Florida fishing license regulations so you can hit the state with rod in hand, regardless of your location.  

To assure you’re spending your time catching BIG fish, you’ll want to secure a license ahead of time.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) offers several options depending upon the type of fishing you want to do.  They have a comprehensive website covering species, seasonal charts, and wildlife updates.  Florida fishing license regulations allow for the following license lengths:

*3 days for $17

*7 days for $30

*1 year for $47

You can purchase your Florida fishing license online with your basic information and a credit card.  In addition to your license, you will want to obtain tags for specific saltwater species such as snook, sharks, and spiny lobster.  Spiny lobster season just opened August 6th, and you can find details on how to catch them here.

Florida residents, veterans, and seniors receive some exceptions to Florida fishing license regulations.  A full list of these exceptions can be found here.  A few worth mentioning are:

*Florida residents fishing for non-commercial purposes in their home county with natural bait. 

*Youth under 16 years of age. 

*Resident seniors 65+ years of age. 

*Disabled residents who obtain the proper documentation. 

*Resident armed forces members who are on home leave for 30 days or less. (*See requirements.) 

*Observers of fishing who are not participating in the capture of fish. 

*Disabled veterans and active reserve military (plus immediate family) participating in an outdoor recreational event. (*See requirements.) 

*Those fishing from a for-hire vessel with a valid charter license.  

*Those participating in a FREE saltwater fishing day.  

Free saltwater fishing days are offered to all residents and visitors several times a year.  The next free saltwater fishing day falls on the first Saturday of September.  Additional dates typically fall once a quarter around Thanksgiving, and during the months of April / June.

Regardless of the day or season, you’ll appreciate the ability to fish from a centralized location.  With access to multiple beaches, bridges, and renowned fishing spots, Terra Ceia is an anglers diamond in the rough.  While most state parks and RV spots will be full year-round, travel-friendly RV resorts like ours allow you to book your stay last-minute.  Not only can you pull in and set up at a moments notice, but we also have a dock, cleaning station, and hot tub to soothe the aching biceps you’ll experience after catching BIG fish.  

Begin by choosing a reason, season, and method to bring you to the water’s edge.  Once you have these specifics in mind you can purchase yourself a license and start planning.  You’ll thank yourself for taking the time.

We look forward to fishing Florida with you!

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