Captain Erik’s Weekly Fishing Report

It’s Thursday, January 19th, this is Captain Erik’s weekly fishing report brought to you by Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort.

We lost a bit of water clarity coming through the weekend, which is typical with rain and high winds. The winds stir up our bay’s sandy and muddy bottom, while rain provides freshwater runoff from surrounding estuaries. This is all part of keeping our habitat healthy and thriving, and it also affects the clarity of the water.

Our winds will shift to the south, though; you know what they say when the wind blows out of the south, it blows it right into the fish’s mouth. Let’s find out if that remains true!

We’re going to have that incredible south wind all the way through Friday and Saturday. And it’s going to start veering back to the northeast, and by the time we get into Sunday proper, it looks like we’ve got a chance of rain. It’s going to cool down as that north wind pushes some of those colder thermals down our way, which means we’re going to have a hot bite Friday and Saturday before that cold front pushes in.

Unlike their freshwater friends, saltwater fish tend to feed before a storm. Please read this article on our blog to see why!

As you learn to fish these tides, you’ll also want to pay attention to the moon phase. The moon affects how big the tides get and the amount of moving water you’ll see. This moving water is what fish thrive on for food, so knowing where you’re at in the moon phase will help you know when fish are feeding. For that new moon tide phase this weekend, you’ve got significant tidal coefficients pushing in the mornings and big ones pushing out at night, and you can expect that hot bite to be right there bright and early Saturday morning, Friday morning, and Sunday morning.

I hope you get out there and catch some fish this weekend. If you’re staying at Fisherman’s Cove Resort, you can make good use of the newly renovated dock, which is fully stocked with filet stations, catch nets, and a green light for you night anglers. There is also a complimentary fishing clinic on Saturday mornings provided by Captain Erik of, where you can ask questions and learn how to fish the immediate waters of Terra Ceia Bay. We also have a boat ramp for those of you traveling with boats who hope to get out into Tampa Bay and do some near-shore fishing in our beautiful Gulf waters.

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We look forward to seeing you, yours, and your fish at our resort or on our fishing report next week!

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