A Gift

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There are many occasions we travel away from home. Weddings, funerals, business, vacations, and too much quarantine send us packing our belongings and heading for new sights. A poorly planned trip results in poor accommodations. Although money can go a long way to assure great ambiance, it’s the diamond-in-the-rough experience we’re looking for. That’s what makes this park a gift.  

“Camping” is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home with or without shelter. This usually consists of a tent, a propane stove, a kerosene lantern, and a gallon of bug spray. Should you choose to upgrade your experience, “glamping” transforms your camping venture into accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those of traditional camping. One step above that brings you to the world we live in – RV’ing. 

“RV’ing” is defined as travel in a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with the amenities of a home. Not only do you get your own space and personal belongings for your adventures, but if you’ve done your job right, you get the glamping experience with a camping theme.  At Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we provide all three and, in turn, a gift of a great travel experience. 

Located on the water with access to Terra Ceia Bay, Tampa Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico, we offer updated amenities such as a newly remodeled: 

  • Pool / Hot Tub
  • Laundry / Bathhouse 
  • Dog park
  • Game room
  • Commons area
  • Kitchen
  • Workout amenities
  • Pickleball court
  • Paved level RV spots

We also offer a fishing pier and boat ramp for those interested in fishing Terra Ceia Bay and surrounding waters for some of our prized Gulf fish such as Snapper, Sheepshead, Snook, and Grouper. Local charters, bait, and one-of-a-kind kayak fishing are all accessible just outside your doorstep.

And if that weren’t enough to pique your interest, the community will be. We quite possibly have the best mix of annual RV’ers, seasonal glampers, and weekend campers you’ll find. Friendly, fun, and full of enthusiasm for all things Florida, you’ll be hard-pressed to come and go without making a new friend. Whether you’re hanging by the pool, or attending one of our many events you won’t find a lack of things to do.

We often consider things we pay for as gifts. A gift, by its original definition cannot be earned, bought, called forth, or gained through deserving action. They appear when you are aware and present with a bit of humility and a willingness to uncover the mystery of life. Those who wind up at Fisherman’s Cove Resort often agree that they feel gifted by the experience. Whether carried in by the wind or the Divine timing of the Universe, we look forward to exchanging our gift with you.

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