Advantages of Fishing in the Rain

It’s the rainy season here in the fishing capital, and it’s common to receive rain, daily. This can seem like a fisherman’s demise unless you’re aware of the advantages of fishing in the rain. 

Rain is fairly predictable, and the weatherman is often wrong.  

Pop-up storms are a real thing here in Florida, and when pressure systems mix, a storm will brew. These storms can pop-up quickly, so unless you’re watching the radar closely, you may be in for a surprise. 

The easiest way to assure you’re up-to-speed on the weather is to watch the sky. Cloud formations can communicate what it is we need to know. Wind speed will tell us how fast it’s coming. And decent vision shows us the potential of rain and lightning on the horizon.  

In the instance that you can’t look up, or refuse to leave a hot bite, we recommend at least having good gear. Thanks to your newfound skills and ability to predict the rain, you’ll have them on hand when the weatherman is having a bad day. 

A quick list of our favorite year-round gear choices are: 

*Rain jackets


*Mosquito Nets


*Quick-dry pants

*Wide-brimmed hats


*Polarized sunglasses

*Shade tents

*Two-way radios

These items will not only assist you on the bad days but on the good ones too! And dual-purpose is an RV’ers friend. 

We learn to be grateful for the things we don’t see. 

Sweltering heat and warm water temperatures increase the potential of red-tide here in Florida. The rain is an antidote to both. 

Each afternoon, a storm will brew. You’ll hear thunder, which is your signal to get off the water, and if you don’t decide to head home, there’s a good chance you’ll be fishing again within the hour. 

As you sit in your RV (read why it’s necessary here) and watch the storm cool the earth, you’ll feel refreshed by relief from the day’s heat. The cooling water and a sea breeze combine to ward off the looming temperatures that K. Brevis relies upon.

We have learned to be grateful for these storms and their unseen effects on our environment. The longer we avoid the devastation the 2018 Red Tide created, the better the fishing will get! Just two years of regulation have brought back BIG fish and big hearts for those who spend our time catching them.

Hire experts who can guide you. 

It’s fun to fish, and exhilarating to catch. Because catching is the goal, we recommend hiring experts who can guide you.

Weather, tide, season, and salinity are all part of what guides utilize to find fish. This is on top of their geographical knowledge of the area. You can spend your vacation learning these nuances if that’s what you’re into, or you can quickly gain some guidance and spend it catching fish.  

From bait shops to charter captains, to fishing focused RV parks, fishing is a livelihood for many Florida residents. Where we spend our time and attention is making sure you get to experience what we hold so dear. Learning the advantages of fishing in the rain is one aspect we invite you to try. 

At Fisherman’s Cove Resort, we offer a private dock, boat ramp, and tiki hut to enjoy with each big catch, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

Written by Janel Jungels @ 

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